The Front Porch Blog, with Updates from AppalachiaThe Front Porch Blog, with Updates from Appalachia

Reviving North Tazewell, Va. — A Community’s Vision for East Riverside Drive

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 | Posted by The Appalachian Voice | No Comments

We recently co-hosted a gathering with residents of North Tazewell, Virginia, to discuss options for revitalizing a once-thriving center of commerce in their town, the East Riverside Drive area. Residents and local advocates shared illuminating ideas! [ Read More ]

What the government spending fight means for Appalachia

Friday, September 1st, 2023 | Posted by Chelsea Barnes | No Comments

Leaders in the Senate and the House need to come together to negotiate a final deal in order to keep the government funded. Appalachian Voices will keep fighting to fund these crucial programs and agencies to help protect coal mining communities and transition to clean energy. [ Read More ]

Appalachian success stories from climate infrastructure funding

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 | Posted by Guest Contributor | No Comments

In November 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, commonly known as the bipartisan infrastructure law, followed by other landmark legislation that, together, unlocked a wealth of federal climate infrastructure funding. [ Read More ]

Federal agency announces a proposed safety order for Mountain Valley Pipeline

Monday, August 21st, 2023 | Posted by Jessica Sims | 6 Comments

Now as MVP construction is resuming, communities along the pipeline’s route are alarmed at the danger of using the deteriorated components, fearing that the risk for cracks, weld failures, leaks and explosions has increased. [ Read More ]

Community, culture and creation: Working to bring new investments into the coalfields

Thursday, August 17th, 2023 | Posted by Emma Kelly | No Comments

Beginning in January 2023, four local environmental and social justice organizations held a series of community listening sessions, one in each coalfield county in Southwest Virginia. [ Read More ]

Miners, advocates voice their concerns about MSHA’s proposed silica rule

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 | Posted by Quenton King | No Comments

Coal miners and black lung advocates filled several back rows of the auditorium at the Mine Safety and Health Administration Academy just outside of Beckley, West Virginia, on the morning of Aug. 10th to provide comments on the agency’s draft rule to protect miners from respirable silica dust. [ Read More ]

Gov. Youngkin’s attempt to repeal RGGI administratively violates the law

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 | Posted by Jen Lawhorne | 1 Comment

At the heart of Youngkin’s effort is the question: Is the governor allowed to do this? The answer is no, and Appalachian Voices, along with a number of our partner organizations represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center, are going to court to enforce the law. [ Read More ]

Appalachia receives major benefits from federal Inflation Reduction Act to power solar projects

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 | Posted by Guest Contributor | No Comments

Going solar has become more accessible and affordable for nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local governments in Appalachia. Communities near a recently closed coal mine or coal-fired power plant directly benefit from significant federal funding flowing into the region. [ Read More ]

Remembering David Hairston

Thursday, July 27th, 2023 | Posted by The Appalachian Voice | 6 Comments

It is with great sorrow that we reflect on the life of David Hairston, a profoundly inspirational community leader, a deeply respected member of the Appalachian Voices Board of Directors, and a treasured friend to many. [ Read More ]

Anger and grief over MVP inclusion in debt deal are warranted, but the fight continues

Thursday, June 15th, 2023 | Posted by Dan Radmacher | No Comments

For those who have poured heart and soul into the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline for nearly a decade, June 1 was a horrible night. [ Read More ]

How a proposed rule can help communities hold coal companies accountable

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 | Posted by Erin Savage | No Comments

The federal surface mining agency has proposed a new rule that, if finalized, will restore community members’ ability to ensure coal companies follow the law. [ Read More ]

Gaming the system — Part III

Saturday, June 10th, 2023 | Posted by Guest Contributor | No Comments

In 2021, the Government Accountability Office found big problems with the Labor Department’s current rules because they do not require sufficient collateral to cover both current and future black lung liabilities. [ Read More ]



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