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What do Virginia’s new energy laws mean for the coalfields

New energy laws in Virginia provide significant opportunity for solar development in the state’s historic coalfields, but not enough direct support for communities hit by the clean energy transition.

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quote from a Volunteer Electric Co-op member about her and her husband's experience being disconnected and then having to pay $30 to be reconnected

Tennessee needs a moratorium on utility shutoffs

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our health and livelihoods, utility shutoffs are hurting residents throughout Tennessee. Call Gov. Bill Lee today to ask him to stop utilities from disconnecting people from vital services during this crisis.

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Unreclaimed Aily Branch Mine

Bond-forfeited Virginia Blackjewel mines may finally have a buyer

Three Virginia strip mines, neglected in the wake of the Blackjewel bankruptcy, may finally have a buyer. But it remains to be seen if the new company would be able to reclaim the land.

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view of disturbed mine land at Hobet Mine

“Environmentalist” Tom Clarke abandons mines in West Virginia

With the failure of coal operator ERP’s unconventional scheme, West Virginia must contend with the company’s environmental violations and mines in need of cleanup.

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Dark runoff from a mine contaminates a Virginia creek

Companies play hot potato with unreclaimed Blackjewel mines

Virginia regulators, a surety insurance company, and two coal companies are playing hot potato with 22 of bankrupt Blackjewel’s coal permits — and none of them want to be left with the responsibility of reclaiming the sites.

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