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Dominion holding out on struggling families

Virginia lawmakers must take this opportunity, now, to compel Dominion Energy to forgive debt of families and businesses struggling from the Covid-economic crisis.

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Energy cost hike would burden N.C. families

The Covid and economic crisis has laid bare the monthly struggle too many Americans have faced for a long time — whether to pay their electric bill or buy other essentials like food, medicine or school supplies and risk having their power shut off.

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Mountain Valley Pipeline is not a done deal

Two years behind schedule, $2 billion over budget, only half-built, facing financial headwinds and some investor skepticism, the Mountain Valley Pipeline is anything but a done deal or a sure bet.

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mountain valley pipeline

Time’s up for the Mountain Valley Pipeline

More than 43,000 people agree — regulators need to reject MVP’s request for a deadline extension.

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Solar Panels

Pushing back on Appalachian Power’s unfair solar restrictions for schools and governments

Appalachian Power Company is blocking local schools and municipal governments from installing solar. But these public entities have the opportunity to strike a better deal during upcoming contract negotiations with the obstructionist utility.

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