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Meeting pandemic needs in TN

Why TVA should provide relief for its customers.

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At Risk of Extinction

Three stories in The Appalachian Voice cover our region's most vulnerable species

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Duke's 'Net-Zero' Plan a Sham

The energy giant's recent climate report falls short in actually addressing the climate crisis.


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2020 Board Elections

Our Board of Directors is instrumental in our success through its thoughtful governance of the organization and partnership with our staff. If you're an Appalachian Voices member, vote in our annual board elections by Nov. 1. VOTE NOW

About Appalachian Voices

Appalachian Voices has been the region's grassroots advocate for healthy communities and environmental protection for over 20 years, and a leading force in Appalachia's shift from fossil fuels to clean energy and a just future.

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COVID-19 Response

Our staff continue to work from home and conduct nearly all of our functions online, including community outreach. We are also working to stop utility shutoffs for low-income residents in North Carolina, Virignia and Tennessee. Read more