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Court sides with EPA on science-based mountaintop removal permitting

4535374630_be9af60ec8_zA ruling by U.S. Court of Appeals today is as clear as the science indicting mountaintop removal coal mining, and affirms what advocates working to end the destruction of Appalachian mountains and streams have been saying for years.

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One fish, two fish … Dead fish

onefish_twofishA study from researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) published this month provides strong new evidence that mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia is devastating downstream fish populations.
Fortunately, the Obama administration has an opportunity to take meaningful action to protect Appalachian streams.

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Parallels between New England whalers and Appalachian coal miners

WhalingVoyage_ca1848_byRussell_and_Purrington_detail_NewBedfordWhalingMuseum8Nick Mullins, a former Va. coal miner, discovers the parallels between New England whalers from two centuries ago and the current conundrum facing Appalachia’s coal mining community. Nick and his family are journeying around the east this summer on the “Breaking Clean Tour” to raise public awareness of mountaintop removal mining, and learn about more sustainable paths to prosperity.

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Stories from South Central Regional Jail, WV

Poisoned Water Comic The January spill of the coal-processing chemical MCHM in West Virginia poisoned the tap water of some 300,000 people. Stories are now emerging that some of them were inmates at the regional jail who were denied access to ample, clean water.

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Mountain Justice Summer – 10 Years Strong!

Appalachian Voices staff and interns working on biking trails near Norton, Va., with Shayne Fields.

Mountain Justice Summer Camp, a week-long gathering of Appalachian advocates, celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. Appalachian Voices Grassroots Organizing Intern Chloe Crabtree reflects on the experience and what it means to act.

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