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Updates from Appalachia

chart shows how MSHA allows twice as much silica dust exposure as other agencies

Tighter silica rules needed to protect miners from black lung disease

Coal miners are legally allowed to be exposed to twice as much dangerous silica dust as any other worker. That needs to change.

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Biden’s jobs plan holds promise for Appalachia

As an organization that cares deeply about the people, land and water of our region, we find much to applaud in the White House’s American Jobs Plan. Read about what the plan entails and hear from us and partners about what this plan could mean for Appalachia.

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Building community power for economic transition in the coalfields

The New Economy Network of Southwest Virginia continues to progress local conversations to bring positive change to the region.

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Communities call out Duke Energy’s harmful impacts

People from states served by Duke Energy recently testified before the newly formed, independent People’s Commission that the utility’s record on coal ash, electric rates and other issues is harming communities.

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It’s a wrap! A rundown of the 2021 Virginia General Assembly

We and our allies fought hard for the health and well-being of communities and the environment, and we’re grateful for the emails and calls you delivered to the legislature to support these efforts.

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