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Bleak outlook for coal in 2016

After the dismal year coal had in 2015, more hard times for the industry are ahead. Nowhere is the struggle more real than in Central Appalachia. A new white paper from Downstream Strategies tells the story of Appalachian coal over the past few decades in five simple charts.

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Coal’s death knell in Kentucky

The final months of 2015 may prove to be a historic moment for Kentucky’s politics and the state’s struggling coal industry. But it remains to be seen how the industry will maintain its political power in the Bluegrass State.

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West Virginia Communities Still at Risk Despite Idled Mines

From The Appalachian Voice: West Virginia communities are still dealing with problems related to mountaintop removal coal mining. Toxic coal slurry impoundments, increased blasting and diminished water quality are among the challenges facing such communities at risk.

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Prayers not pipelines

Jill Averitt lives in Central Virginia with her extended family on a patch of land where collectively they are raising seven children, lots of vegetables–and in the past year, a ruckus over Dominion’s plans to run a massive fracked gas pipeline right through that land. She created the “Prayers Not Pipelines” project as a powerful way to connect with her neighbors, and to protect her home and community.

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Powering Up: Diversifying central Appalachia’s economy

From The Appalachian Voice: As coal production continues to decline, many citizens and groups in central Appalachia are working hard to find new avenues for economic diversification.

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