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Appalachian Power wants higher bills for homeowners who go solar

Guest post by Virginia writer and lawyer Ivy Main:
Appalachian Power Company is seeking permission from utility regulators to impose new “standby” charges on residential customers who install solar systems larger than 10 kilowatts. The fee is included in the company’s latest rate proposal, now before the State Corporation Commission.

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Virginians demand an impact statement for the Coalfields Expressway

CFX_virginia_sqAppalachian Voices, our allies and supporters are standing up against the Coalfields Expressway proposal. Recent hearings have provided a opportunities to reach decision makers, and meetings in Lynchburg and Roanoke are still ahead. Join the chorus demanding a proper environmental study before the Coalfields Expressway, a mountaintop removal project masquerading as a highway, goes any further.

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Debunking Duke: Why Captain Abandon is a failed superhero

Water spills_ NC Dan 2Since the Dan River spill in February, Duke Energy has been under immense public pressure to clean up its toxic coal ash legacy without passing the cost on to their ratepayers. Rather than actually cleaning up its coal ash, however, the company is spending millions to clean up its image by launching a that claims, “We’ll do the right thing with our coal ash.” It’s what the “right thing” is that remains contentious.

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The Carbon / Climate Challenge

carbon_and_climate1In a few weeks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to unveil the nation’s first-ever proposal to limit planet-warming carbon pollution from the nation’s existing power plants — the single largest contributor to America’s carbon footprint. This is a critical opportunity to move the needle away from dirty fossil fuels and the destruction they wreak — including mountaintop removal and poisoned water and air — and toward cleaner, more sustainable ways to power our lives.

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North Carolinians Stand Together for Coal Ash Cleanup

10252094_506959482737403_4600067065101973655_nThis month residents and clean water advocates across North Carolina have stood together to demand that Duke Energy clean up its coal ash pollution. On May 1, Appalachian Voices joined hundreds to rally outside Duke’s annual shareholder meeting and a little more than a week later we helped host a community paddle and picnic day on Belews Lake, where the the largest and dirtiest coal plant in North Carolina is located.

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