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Welcome to new staff and 2015-16 AmeriCorps members

We would like to welcome three new faces to Appalachian Voices, our new Central Appalachian Campaign Coordinator Willie Dodson, and two new AmeriCorps Project Conserve members for the 2015-16 service term, Ridge Graham and Lee Payne.

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NCDENR needs to step up

Since the Dan River coal ash catastrophe of February 2014, there’s been more foot-dragging than problem-solving by Duke Energy and DENR to solve the state’s coal ash crisis. But citizens like Amy Brown are keeping the pressure on, and Appalachian Voices is right there with them.

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A Tennessee homecoming for energy savings

amykellyfamily-croppedAmy Kelly is returning to her roots in the Volunteer State as Tennessee Energy Savings Outreach Coordinator for Appalachian Voices. She’ll be tapping into the natural ingenuity of local residents to help strengthen communities by increasing energy efficiency programs in the region.

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It ain’t easy living on bottled water

amy brown sept2015 Amy Brown lives in Belmont, North Carolina, with her two children. Since spring, she’s been living on bottled water. Her tap water, she’s been told, is contaminated by Duke Energy’s nearby coal ash pits. This is her story.

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DENR is a “BOOR”

The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources is acting like–to use its own term–a “bureaucratic object of resistance.” The agency’s creative interpretation of its mission statement is just one reflection of the McCrory administration’s broader hostility to the notion that public servants have a responsibility to protect the natural resources and therefore the public health and welfare of the Tar Heel state.

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