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ReImagining Your Community with the help of EPA’s Environmental and Justice Community Change Grants

The EPA’s Community Change Grants could be an opportunity to engage key community stakeholders in strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to promote climate resilience, and to simultaneously create good jobs for local residents. Check out the ReImagine Your Community resource page for resources to help guide community visioning and project development.

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Proposals to put new nuclear reactors near coal mine sites ignore geological hazards

In October 2022, Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced a goal of building a new nuclear reactor in Southwest Virginia within the next 10 years, setting off a flurry of excitement among local economic development officials and outrage among local residents who are concerned about the health and safety risks of nuclear power.

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A group of locals and officials celebrate the opening of new Dante recreation area with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Community celebrates opening of new recreation area in Dante, Virginia

This new recreation area features approximately 16 miles of new trails that will connect to existing trails around the nearby town of Saint Paul, and the campground features full amenities.

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In a moment of climate crisis, Dominion wants to move Virginia backwards

These developments support the Virginia-wide shift towards clean, renewable energy and Dominion Energy had seemingly embraced this transition, expanding its own solar and wind facilities. But, alarmingly Dominion is now trying to reverse course in Chesterfield and construct a new harmful methane gas “peaker” plant, mere miles from the old plant.

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no gas buildout in the tennessee valley

Movements to stop TVA’s gas buildout gain momentum ahead of critical year

Campaigns to stop Tennessee Valley Authority’s proposed methane gas buildout are closing out 2023 with some major developments and eyeing next year as pivotal.

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