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Mercury No More: Court Upholds EPA Air Toxics Rule

outsource_newsThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — but also public health advocates and anyone who likes to eat fish or breath clean air — gained a significant win this month when a federal appeals court upheld the agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS).

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Surprised? McCrory’s Coal Ash Proposal Falls Short

coal1North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s poorly planned coal ash proposal is catching flak from environmental groups and legislators in his own party who already planned to push for reform during the upcoming legislative session.

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Counteracting Coal’s Dirty Tricks

dirty_stream2Last month, we acted quickly to undermine H.R. 2824, a pro-mountaintop removal bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. While we never expected to prevent the bill from passing the anti-environmental House, our efforts helped to make the perils of mountaintop removal the message of the day.

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The Voice: Toxic Warnings, Trilliums and More

AprilMay2014_cover_small2This latest issue of The Appalachian Voice explores some of the pressing economic and environmental hardships faced by the region today. Read about the ongoing water crises in West Virginia and along the Dan River of North Carolina and Virginia, the continued challenges in the War on Poverty, and the people who are dedicated to achieving solutions.

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Spring Happenings for Clean Water in N.C.


This spring, many North Carolinians are feeling renewed concern about the threat coal ash poses to our water resources. During the next month, concerned citizens are gathering across the state to make their voices heard and create a cleaner way forward. Find a festival, rally, picnic or community meeting near you!

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