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What is the debt ceiling, and how could it be used to try to ram through MVP?

What is the debt ceiling, and why can it be used to gain leverage to pass unpopular legislation that otherwise wouldn’t have the necessary votes?

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Building future resilience to extreme cold in the wake of North Carolina’s rolling blackouts

PSE Healthy Energy’s report shows that it’s not necessary for Duke Energy to wait for another emergency situation or just build more electricity generation because “targeted investments in weatherization, energy efficient appliances and demand response programs can keep demand lower and more stable in cold temperatures, and prevent another blackout.”

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Hydrogen gas — what’s all the hype about?

Hydrogen gas as an energy source in Central Appalachia is a real possibility, so we’re unpacking this technology and exploring its potential impact on the health of communities and ecosystems in our region.

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Deputy Executive Director Kate Boyle moderates a panel of pipeline fighters featured in the film.

Not On This Land: Documentary celebrates the community-led fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The two screenings brought together people to celebrate the fight that brought down the behemoth ACP. “Not On This Land: The Fight Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline,” directed by Christopher Landry, profiles some of the West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina communities who helped defeat the fracked-gas pipeline.

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Eighteen women and men line a bricked sidewalk with multistory buildings in the background. They hold signs protesting Gov. Youngkin's attempt to withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Inistiative.

Governor Youngkin, have you heard? Virginians love RGGI!

Virginians speak up about Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposal to exit the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. RGG limits carbon pollution from power plants at the lowest possible cost while funneling millions of dollars into at-risk communities.

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