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solar panels on roof

Guest post: Apply for a bonus 10 to 20% credit for solar project funding

Low-income communities across Appalachia can apply for a bonus 10 to 20% tax credit available to eligible solar projects. There’s a limited priority application window for this tax credit, which can be stacked on top of other solar incentives!

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What’s going on with Duke Energy?

Duke Energy is the largest electricity provider in North Carolina, and we believe Duke is not doing enough to help with increasing renewable energy in the state or keeping energy bills low for all customers.

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Drilling equipment can just barely be seen in acleared area behind a placid river reflecting clouds and trees.

A step forward for clean water protections, but threats remain

In September, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a new rule that restores certain protections for water under the Clean Water Act. The changes in the rule will give states and tribes more oversight over water protection within their boundaries.

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A flooded town in a valley

Rising strong together: Hurley’s recovery journey, a community listening session and the road ahead

The tight-knit community of Hurley lies in the heart of Buchanan County, Virginia. Hurley has long grappled with the devastating consequences of floods and mudslides. Over the years, these residents have faced countless challenges, but their spirit remains unbroken.

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Community members meet during the North Tazewell listening session

Reviving North Tazewell, Va. — A Community’s Vision for East Riverside Drive

We recently co-hosted a gathering with residents of North Tazewell, Virginia, to discuss options for revitalizing a once-thriving center of commerce in their town, the East Riverside Drive area. Residents and local advocates shared illuminating ideas!

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