Paddling for her Life

Farmer Ann Rose is paddling nearly 2,000 miles solo to bring attention to water woes in Appalachia.

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A man points to a machine while speaking.

‘Every Stick:’ SWVA Biochar Uses Local Waste to Create Quality Soil

A Southwest Virginia company’s biochar product is carbon-negative and has applications in agriculture.

Amid heat wave, Virginians now have new protections from power shut-offs 

The heat means higher electric bills for everyone — including people who could hardly keep up with payments before the heat wave started.

A depression in a rock ridge is filled with water. Clouds fill the valley below and sunrise colors the sky.

Seven Geological Wonders of Appalachia

The Appalachian Mountains are abundant with magnificent natural wonders. Here’s a sampling of stunning geological features within the region.

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A woman in a pink top and pearls smiles past the camera.

A Conversation with Archbishop Marcia Dinkins

Archbishop Marcia Dinkins, founder of the Black Appalachian Coalition, talks about creating the space for voices that have often been unheard to be heard.

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A group of people march carrying banners.

Changes for MVP Southgate Pipeline are Part of a Web of Proposed Methane Gas

“Families and farmers are being asked to sacrifice land, health and peace of mind for projects that are less reliable and affordable than renewables,” said Ridge Graham of Appalachian Voices.

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Mountain Valley Pipeline Safety Issues Continue

The recent failure of a section of pipe during testing has heightened residents’ long-standing concerns about deteriorated pipe and rushed construction putting their safety at risk.

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Residents Across Five States Benefit From Local Air Quality Monitoring

Through the Upper South and Appalachia Citizen Air Monitoring Project, community members and organizations are collecting data about local air quality.

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A woman holds a spotted skunk.

Why Appalachia’s Spotted Skunk is so Rare

The eastern spotted skunk was not always as rare as it is today. Find out what researcher Emily Thorne has learned about this master of malodor.

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Endangered Tiny Tarantula Faces Habitat Loss

An endangered, tiny tarantula living in moss in the Appalachian Mountains is losing more of its habitat.

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A tan spider with dark markings on its back pulling a large, white egg sac behind it, is seen from a side angle

10 New Spider Species Discovered in Appalachia

Researchers have discovered 10 new spider species that have adapted to the subterranean habitat of Appalachian caves.

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A man sits beside a wooden shelter in the woods.

Views and Brews

There’s nothing better than some time on the trail followed by a smooth cup of java or something with a little kick. Enjoy this carefully crafted list of the perfect pairings.

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A couple sits atop the grassy summit of Max Patch, taking in the views under a beautiful blue sky dotted with white cumulous clouds.

How Max Patch Bald is Finally Healing

After overuse forced the closure of Max Patch Bald, efforts by the U.S. Forestry Service and trail groups to restore the area show dramatic progress.

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A waterfall cascades over rocks down a forested hillside.

Special Sections Along the Appalachian Trail

We asked folks which sections of the Appalachian Trail are their favorites, and here’s what we found!

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A hand is seen holding an infrared camera screen.

Lowering Costs for Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Tax credits and rebates can help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades.

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A man in a white shirt with his back to the camera uses a flexible tube to blow insulation into an attic.

How Home Repairs Enable Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Funding for a Virginia program that helps low-income residents repair their homes and receive energy-efficiency upgrades is at risk.

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What Can the New Clean Energy Programs Do For You?

Our guide breaks down what the new clean energy programs can do for your home, business and community.

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Community members hold press conference to speak out against the Moriah Energy Center ahead of public hearing

On Thursday, Aug. 1, community members impacted by the proposed Moriah Energy Center will hold a press conference to share their concerns about plans for the facility ahead of the Division of Air Quality’s public hearing on the air permit application.

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Statement on Biden-Harris administration unveiling of Energy Communities AmeriCorps initiative

On Tuesday, the White House announced a new AmeriCorps initiative focused on dedicating more AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America members to energy communities in Virginia, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Appalachian Ohio, among other locations.

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Second round of Community Strong sessions scheduled for Southwest Virginia communities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 18, 2024 CONTACTDan Radmacher, Media…

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Biden Admin Finalizes Silica Rule Update

A new federal rule would cut miners’ exposure to silica dust, but miners and their advocates have concerns about whether industry will follow the new rule under the current enforcement mechanisms.

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Reducing Methane Emissions from Wells Could Create Tens of Thousands of Jobs

Decommissioning unplugged oil and gas wells and reducing emissions at operating wells in accordance with new federal guidelines would create tens of thousands of jobs across four states, according to a recent report.

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TVA Moves Forward with Kingston Gas Plant

Ignoring EPA concerns and calls from lawmakers for more transparency, Tennessee Valley Authority moved forward with plans to convert the Kingston Fossil Plant from coal to methane.

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EPA Action to Prevent Power Plant Pollution

New EPA rules to regulate pollution from coal and gas power plants could have major impacts on public health and the environment.

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