A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Greenbrier River Watchdogs Alarmed as Mountain Valley Pipeline Drills

Local residents and water protectors are concerned about pollution and safety risks as boring for the Mountain Valley Pipeline begins beneath West Virginia’s Greenbrier River.

Indigenous Couple Fights For Social And Environmental Justice

The nonprofit organization 7 Directions of Service is working to protect the rights of people and nature.

REAP Benefits Farmers, Small Businesses and the Climate

Farmers and small businesses are reaping clean energy and cost-saving benefits from the Rural Energy for America Program.

Special Sections Along the Appalachian Trail

We asked folks which sections of the Appalachian Trail are their favorites, and here's what we found!

New Draft Safety Standard for Exposure to Silica Dust

The Mine Safety and Health Administration's proposed new regulations would reduce worker exposure to silica dust, but advocates say better enforcement measures are needed.

Mine Cleanup Concerns Grow As Industry Declines

The decline of the coal industry is exacerbating failures of the current federal system to ensure that mines are cleaned up.

Proposed Regional Hydrogen Energy Hubs Raise Concerns

Two consortiums of power companies and other businesses are seeking federal funding for proposed regional hydrogen energy hubs. Most hydrogen energy production processes produce climate-altering emissions.

Years After Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancellation, Easements Remain

Residents continue to fight for the return of their land, which was seized for pipeline easements by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline beginning in 2014.

What Can the New Clean Energy Programs Do For You?

Our guide breaks down what the new clean energy programs can do for your home, business and community.

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The Appalachian Voice shifts to online-only

We are ceasing the print publication of The Appalachian Voice for the time being due to the impact of the pandemic, but we will continue to publish new stories online. Read more.

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