A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

How McDowell County, West Virginia, is Addressing its Decades-old Water Problems

Federal funding and an innovative nonprofit program are key resources McDowell County, West Virginia is using to correct its decades-old problem with access to clean drinking water.

‘Invaded, Disregarded and Dismissed’

Bent Mountain neighbors monitor Mountain Valley Pipeline construction amid rising concerns over degraded pipes and a rushed completion deadline.

Endangered Tiny Tarantula Faces Habitat Loss

An endangered, tiny tarantula living in moss in the Appalachian Mountains is losing more of its habitat.

Special Sections Along the Appalachian Trail

We asked folks which sections of the Appalachian Trail are their favorites, and here's what we found!

Solar Apprenticeship Program Benefits Southwest Virginia

A youth solar apprenticeship program is changing lives and accelerating the switch to green energy in Southwest Virginia.

How Max Patch Bald is Finally Healing

After overuse forced the closure of Max Patch Bald, efforts by the U.S. Forestry Service and trail groups to restore the area show dramatic progress.

Mine Cleanup Concerns Grow As Industry Declines

The decline of the coal industry is exacerbating failures of the current federal system to ensure that mines are cleaned up.

How a Pipeline Battle Led an Advocate for Formerly Incarcerated People Into Solar Workforce Development

Richard Walker of Bridging the Gap in Virginia is working to make sure vulnerable communities are not left behind in the green energy transformation.

What Can the New Clean Energy Programs Do For You?

Our guide breaks down what the new clean energy programs can do for your home, business and community.

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The Appalachian Voice shifts to online-only

We are ceasing the print publication of The Appalachian Voice for the time being due to the impact of the pandemic, but we will continue to publish new stories online. Read more.

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