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New TVA rate structure likely to harm low-income families

TVA’s new “Grid Access Charge” will reduce both local power companies’ and end users’ ability to control their monthly energy costs.

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Federal and N.C. coal ash rules under attack

As the state reviews changes to coal ash policy, EPA head Scott Pruitt is looking to help utilities’ bottom line by dramatically weakening federal safeguards on the toxic substance.

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Public events at the Water Justice Summit in Blacksburg

The public is invited to a public art reception and an expert panel discussion in conjunction with the upcoming Water Justice Summit in Blacksburg this June. Check it out!

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FloydFest for the WIN!

Become a member of Appalachian Voices before May 31, and be entered to win two 4-day tickets to FloydFest. It’s Membership for the Win!

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Beyond power: Electric cooperatives can provide more than just electricity to meet rural needs

Rural electric cooperatives’ legacy of rural economic development uniquely positions them to go beyond energy and find innovative solutions to challenges facing rural communities.

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