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Join us as we defend “Our Water, Our Future”

App-Rising-Mosaic-Donna-sqFive years ago, the Obama Administration made a promise to take measures to protect the people, waters, and mountains of Appalachia from the dangerous impacts of mountaintop removal mining. Well, it’s five years later, and we are done waiting for those safeguards. This September, Appalachian Voices is teaming up with other groups from the Alliance for Appalachia to ensure our communities are heard. Won’t you join us?

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Is Obama’s Climate Action Plan on Track?

Picture-9Since the release of his administration’s Climate Action Plan in June 2013, has Obama made strides in developing a clean energy economy and protecting the environment? Let’s take a look at his five-pronged approach to address climate change.

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What do Duke Energy and a messy teenager have in common?

Gfp-messy-couchDuke Energy has spent six months cleaning up its Dan River coal spill, the third worst in U.S. history, and got a whopping six percent removed. And now it says the job is done. North Carolinians should not accept this — no less than most parents accept their teenagers’ excuses to clean up their rooms.

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Today, Congress has to learn about mountaintop removal

CDC_Cancer_Set2Congressional representatives have shown little interest over the past few years in talking about mountaintop removal coal mining. They’d rather lambast the EPA and the Obama Administration for any actions to protect Appalachia’s people and environment. But today, our program director, Matt Wasson, is testifying before Congress. That means members will hear about higher-than-average cancer rates and other impacts of this abominable coal mining practice.

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Great News for Clean Water in Virginia!

Last week a federal judge upheld a previous decision requiring a Virginia coal company to get a permit for their discharges of toxic selenium.

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