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Updates from Appalachia

Amanda Pitzer headshot and Cheat River

Restoring waters damaged by acid mine drainage: A conversation with Amanda Pitzer

Amanda Pitzer with Friends of the Cheat discusses the specific impacts of acid mine drainage on the Cheat River, analyzes abandoned mine lands funding pending before Congress and charts a path for future success in collaboration with state and federal decision-makers.

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Army Corps reopens Mountain Valley Pipeline application to dump into rivers

Due to all of the feedback and pressure that we and many concerned citizens gave the United States Army Corps of Engineers, they have opened a second comment period for Mountain Valley Pipeline’s 404 permit application.

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The Sun is Shining on Southwest Virginia’s Growing Solar Industry

Learn about several exciting updates on the bright future for Southwest Virginia’s growing solar energy industry, broken down into four categories: 1) residential solar, 2) commercial solar, 3) utility solar and 4) shared solar!

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How acid mine drainage fits into pending mine cleanup legislation: A conversation with Joe Pizarchik

Joe Pizarchik, former head of OSMRE and one of the nation’s foremost experts on complex and sprawling abandoned mine lands issues, provides an essential overview of how acid mine drainage fits into pending legislative proposals and where we should look next.

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rural power line

From the Rockies to Appalachia: Virginia can look to Colorado for electric co-op reform

Undemocratic governance at Virginia’s electric cooperatives is a serious issue that has left co-op members across the state frustrated and ready for reform. Closed-door board meetings and unfair voting practices are two of the issues members hope to change in 2022.

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