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Updates from Appalachia


Serving residents by saving energy

Students at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. spent a recent Saturday volunteering with Appalachian Voices and others to give two local homes an energy efficiency boost. The work was part of the school’s 18th annual MLK Challenge. “They caught energy leaks I knew nothing about,” said Faith Wright of Vilas, N.C., who was grateful for the volunteer energy of what she called the “student worker bees.”

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Defending our vision for Appalachia

In our view, the new administration’s approach to environmental protection and national energy policy is dangerously shortsighted. We will do everything we can to see that the laws protecting our natural heritage and the communities of Appalachia are enforced, and not be distracted from our vision for a healthy, sustainable future for our region and beyond. We know you’ll stand with us during this uncertain time.

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Duke Energy neighbors say “goodwill” package is meant to buy silence

From the Alliance of Carolinians Together Against Coal Ash: On Friday the 13th, Duke Energy released a “goodwill” offer to residents on wells near the company’s coal ash sites. To many residents, however, the ominously timed release is more hush money than it is an act of goodwill.

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Standing up for the Stream Protection Rule

Countless citizens have worked for years to push for a federal rule that would help safeguard drinking water sources and surface waters in coal-impacted communities. It finally goes into effect today, but Congress and the incoming administration have vowed to kill it. Appalachian Voices, in alliance with others, is standing up to defend the Stream Protection Rule.

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North Carolina hosts day of climate action Jan. 23

Join us on Monday, January 23 for the North Carolina Statewide Day of Action for Climate Justice! Events will be held in Asheville, Boone, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Pink Hill, Raleigh and Winston-Salem to ask for policies that promote clean energy jobs and climate justice for all people

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