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Customer-owned utilities should be leaders on clean energy. Why do most of them fail to deliver?

Clean energy expert Ivy Main looks at how a lack of transparency and democracy at many Virginia electric cooperatives is causing them to fall behind on renewable energy. Member-owners at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative are trying to change that.

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Mountain Valley Pipeline soils all in its path

Trained citizen monitors in Va. and W.Va. have documented hundreds of violations and possible violations from construction along the Mountain Valley Pipeline. They continue calling for an immediate stop-work order from regulators.

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Gary Hairston

What is Congress going to do about black lung’s resurgence?

In June, advocates for black lung healthcare testified before Congress and urged them to act on the deadly disease’s resurgence. Donate today to help send coal miners with black lung to D.C. in July to fight for the healthcare they deserve!

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Trump administration backs down on closing job centers

The Trump administration opted not to close down nine job centers that serve rural areas, including four in Appalachia, after widespread public backlash.

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Advocates for Appalachia in D.C. this week

Meet Laura Miller, Jacob Hannah and Darrell Coker — three Appalachians who traveled to D.C. this week to stand up for their communities and advocate for passage of the RECLAIM Act.

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