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Updates from Appalachia

Members of the Buckingham County Planning Commission look over a packed room of people speaking out against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline compressor station.

Environmental justice in Buckingham County

A proposed compressor station along the Atlantic Coast Pipeline route would pose public health risks and increase noise pollution in a rural, historically black community. Citizens are fervently urging local officials to reject the project, which would severely impact the viability of the pipeline overall.

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Solar and energy efficiency…like peanut butter and jelly

While energy efficiency is just as clean as solar when it comes to emissions, efficiency by itself can’t produce energy for customers looking for a clean energy option, and solar without energy efficiency can’t reach the full extent of its potential. Both are valuable and can, and should, work together as an integrated solution to create cleaner and cheaper energy.

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Kentucky arrow darter photo by Dr. Matthew R. Thomas, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Protecting a unique Kentucky fish from mountaintop removal coal mining

The eye-catching Kentucky arrow darter was just listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, largely due to water pollution from activities like surface coal mining. Increased protection for this rare fish will lead to healthier ecosystems and communities.

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Join our “Daylight Savings Challenge”

The autumn Daylight Savings Time often brings higher energy bills to Appalachian mountain communities. To help folks with their winter energy bills, the Appalachian Voices Energy Savings team has come up with the “Daylight Savings Challenge.” This fall, 100 Appalachian State University students will replace 160 old light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs for Boone-area residents by the November 6, helping residents save money and energy.

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The pivot toward gas is especially pronounced in the eastern U.S., with Duke at the forefront of a historic fuel switch.

Duke Energy’s empire grows with natural gas

Duke Energy’s purchase of Piedmont Natural Gas was finalized this week after North Carolina utility regulators signed off on the deal. The acquisition is only the latest development in a regionwide push to expand natural gas investments and infrastructure that foreshadows an energy future experts are urging us to avoid.

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