Do you have questions about issues such as abandoned coal mines, pipeline impacts or economic recovery for coal communities? Why not ask the experts! Join the Appalachian Voices webinar series featuring professionals, local residents and Appalachian Voices staff members. Together, we will explore environmental issues on the front lines of Appalachia.

Upcoming webinars

Coal Communities Working Group Webinar
Thursday, September 16 @ 6:00 p.m.

Shortly after taking office in January, President Biden established the Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization, also known as the Coal Communities Working Group. This group of cabinet secretaries and other federal officials is charged with crafting policy and delivering resources to revitalize the economy in coal-impacted communities.

In this webinar, we will dive into updates about the Working Group and what’s coming, how grassroots leaders and activists can influence the conversation, and start building our collective vision for coal-impacted communities.

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Black Lung: People, Power, and Policy
Wednesday, August 11 @ 6 p.m.

Black lung, caused by the inhalation of coal and silica dust, affects tens of thousands of coal miners in the United States today. This disease is incurable, progressive, and deadly.

A coalition of mine workers, their families, and other supporters are working to advance government policies that will protect miners from excessive exposure to harmful dust, and to ensure that the medical and material needs of those miners who are already disabled with the disease are met. Namely, the Black Lung Association is calling on Congress to extend a small tax paid by coal companies in order to fund medical care and disability benefits for miners with black lung. Kentucky-based Appalachian Citizens Law Center is petitioning the Mine Safety and Health Administration to strengthen silica dust regulations in coal mines.

Join us at 6pm (Eastern Time), on August 11th, to learn more about black lung disease, the grassroots efforts to address this epidemic, and what you can do to push policy makers in the right direction on this important issue.

Speakers will include:
– Gary Hairston, coal miner and President of National Black Lung Association
– Fred Pinson, coal miner and Vice President of East Kentucky Coalfield Black Lung Association
– Deborah Wills, black lung clinic coordinator based in WV
– Rebecca Shelton, Director of Policy and Organizing, Appalachian Citizens Law Center
– Willie Dodson, Central Appalachian Field Coordinator, Appalachian Voices.

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Coal Mine Reclamation: Abandoned Mine Lands, Modern Mines, and What You Can Do To Help
Thursday, August 19 @ 12 p.m.

With at least $11 billion in pre-1977 Abandoned Mine Lands and a similar amount of modern mines left to reclaim across the country, the United States has a big problem to solve. Luckily, reclaiming coal mines will create jobs and leave communities better situated to grow a more diverse economy.

Join Appalachian Voices for a webinar on Thursday, August 19th at 12 p.m. EST to learn about the differences between historical Abandoned Mine Lands and modern day functionally abandoned mines, what resources exist to tackle these problems, and what you can do to ensure all of these mines are cleaned up.


Energy Democracy in Action: How Communities are Gaining Control Over HOW MUCH Power Costs
Tuesday, August 31 @ 5:30-7 p.m.

Join the third event in our series on energy democracy to learn how communities are ensuring that essential energy services are affordable for all people, regardless of household ability to pay.

Energy democracy means that communities are able to influence how and where the power they rely on is produced, as well as how much that power costs. It’s about an energy system that is resilient, clean and affordable. Sounds utopian, right? Well, it is … and it isn’t.

Communities in our region are fighting for control over their energy system and making energy democracy a reality. Speaker announcements coming soon!


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