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A publication of Appalachian Voices

April/May 2018

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Special Coverage: Natural Gas Industry

People living near drilling or waste disposal sites, pipelines and other industrial gas-processing facilities contend with issues such as personal safety risks, destruction of property and contamination of their air and water. The recent construction of a petrochemical facility that could become the first of many, combined with the industry’s plans for a potential underground storage hub for natural gas liquids, could mean further encroachment on residents of Appalachia and the Southeast.

This special extended issue of The Appalachian Voice takes an in-depth look at the rapidly expanding natural gas industry.

cracker plant site

people in path of pipelines

People in the Path of Pipelines

New pipelines transporting natural gas and gas liquids would cut across hundreds of miles through Appalachia and beyond, putting people, land and water at risk. Residents along the route share their stories.

Mountain Valley Pipeline

Cletus and Beverly Bohon

Ashby Berkley

Carolyn Reilly

Mountaineer XPress Pipeline

M. Beram

Barbara Jividen



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