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A Call for Climate Security

In America, our view of the wider world is often colored by concerns about security. But today, international security is about more than tariffs and terrorism — it’s about protecting access to clean water and the productivity of the farms


Seeking A Return to Truth

When did America’s leaders stop trusting in science? This fair country, with its wealth of knowledge and opportunity, used to be one of the global frontrunners in scientific reasoning, influence and education. We stood by the principles of proof rather


What’s Our Water Really Worth?

As our most precious natural resource, clean drinking water, all-too-quickly becomes a scarce commodity for global communities, it is also turning into a hot commodity for multinational corporations. According to a United Nations Global Environment Outlook study, two-thirds of the

Saving Our Natural Heritage

The American spirit is tied to the land, to “purple mountain majesties” and the pioneer’s self-reliance. Our relationship with the natural world has always been a balancing act between the drives of conquest and extraction and an instinctual dependence, curiosity


Too Big to Fail, But Not to Change

When “pink slime” hit the headlines in March, Americans were rightfully disgusted. The thought of being poisoned for profit by beef-product filler treated with ammonia sparked national outrage. Grocery stores and even mega-fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Taco


Time to Stop the Denial

Let’s talk about losing touch. According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, fewer Americans believe in global warming than did five years ago. Politicians treat climate change as a non-issue and wage war on the U.S. Environmental


Where is our National Media? — Editorial

I know rants about this particular point have appeared widespread in independent publications, but The Appalachian Voice has avoided weighing in. Now it’s time to go there. IS mainstream media on vacation? The most well-known story of late conspicuous in


Editorial and Viewpoint

A Politician A Day Keeps The EPA At Bay What is it about politicians that calls them to be so obedient to the worst of the bad apples in big business? The mantra of the 112th Congress seems to be


Appalachia’s Christmas Future

If Charles Dickens were alive today spinning Christmas yarns, he would be writing about the health and well-being of Appalachia. He wouldn’t write about how industries “keep the lights on.” He’d worry about the grim conditions that keep the hospitals

Acknowledging A Time For Transition

A friend of mine has a son who is serving in Afghanistan. His home is in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina, where tourism and a sizable state-run university dictate a relatively stable economy and jobs to be had once

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