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Hold Fossil Fuel Industries Accountable

The last few months have shocked us all with headlines reporting the fossil fuel industry’s negligent disregard for security and safety. Mine disasters devastated a West Virginia community in April, with 29 miners killed in a blast at Upper Big


Our finest hours

When the history of the 21st century is written, the most important question will be how – or even whether — we responded to the climate crisis.  As nations gather this fall in Copenhagen to consider a climate treaty, we

Making Realistic Choices

Proposals for new wind energy projects are generating controversy in Appalachia. Opponents of wind projects, such as the ones in Tazewell or Highland counties of Virginia, or Barbour and Randolph counties of West Virginia, are worried about biodiversity, about safety,

Earth Day 2009

Americans celebrated the first nationwide Earth Day 39 years ago, in 1970. Usually we remember such events when they fall on a decade or a century mark, and of course, next year’s 40th anniversary will be on everyone’s calendar. It’s


Citizens and Advocates: The New Newsmakers By Bill Kovarik and Sarah Vig From the standpoint of public information, the TVA Fly Ash Disaster was unlike any other environmental disaster in recent history. Immediately following the spill, TVA’s public relations department


TVA must clean house

Recent events clearly show the need for a clean sweep of TVA’s leadership. It’s not just Tom Kilgore, the CEO of TVA, who needs to be held accountable. The nine-member board of directors, entirely appointed by the Bush Administration as


A Prayer for Peace in Appalachia

Amid Christmas hymns and Hannukah lights, we ask you to join us in a prayer for peace in Appalachia. No one who follows events would ask why we need this prayer. Clearly, the climate of political violence escalated in 2009

Augean Cleanup on Aisle Six

It’s been widely observed that the next president will be left with an enormous cleanup task. At one point, Vice President-elect Joe Biden compared it to cleaning the Augean Stables. He was referring to the humblest of the Twelve Labors


Carthage and Kentucky When Rome destroyed Carthage in 146 BC, do you suppose they tried to sell their citizens on the virtues of salty land? Did they tell them that the salt-laden fields of Carthage were just brimming with opportunities

Energy by and for the people

Public opinion polls are showing a serious problem with the debate over our future sources of energy: the American people strongly agree on solutions. Well over 80 percent of Americans consistently agree on renewable energy and conservation. In poll after

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