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Congress Needs to Pass the RECLAIM Act

Politicians like to talk about helping rural Appalachia. The RECLAIM Act is a chance for them to show that they mean it.


Holding Pipeline Profiteers Accountable

sign in front of house

SPECIAL COLUMN: The fossil fuel industry and monopoly utilities, and their political abettors, will not turn easily from their money-making course. We citizens must continue to call them out, hold them accountable, and push hard for a future that is economically and socially just, and environmentally sustainable.


Where is our National Media? — Editorial

I know rants about this particular point have appeared widespread in independent publications, but The Appalachian Voice has avoided weighing in. Now it’s time to go there. IS mainstream media on vacation? The most well-known story of late conspicuous in


Saying Hello to Our 2011-12 AmeriCorps Team

Appalachian Voices is excited to welcome three new members from Americorps Project Conserve to our team for the 2011-12 service year. Brian Sewell Communications Outreach Associate Brian graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in Communications and a


Editorial and Viewpoint

A Politician A Day Keeps The EPA At Bay What is it about politicians that calls them to be so obedient to the worst of the bad apples in big business? The mantra of the 112th Congress seems to be



Citizens and Advocates: The New Newsmakers By Bill Kovarik and Sarah Vig From the standpoint of public information, the TVA Fly Ash Disaster was unlike any other environmental disaster in recent history. Immediately following the spill, TVA’s public relations department


TVA must clean house

Recent events clearly show the need for a clean sweep of TVA’s leadership. It’s not just Tom Kilgore, the CEO of TVA, who needs to be held accountable. The nine-member board of directors, entirely appointed by the Bush Administration as


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