Member Spotlights

The following individuals are just a few of the many outstanding members of Appalachian Voices who volunteer their time to protect the natural and cultural heritage of our Appalachian region.

Russ Moxley
Russ Moxley

River Enthusiast Joins the Appalachian Voices Board
Winter 2020

Tom McIntosh

Service in Action
Spring 2020

Waltr Lane

The Greenneck Poet
October 2019

Marion Loper

Translating Career Skills to The Appalachian Voice
June 2019

Brian McAllister

Making a Difference in Johnson City, Tenn.
Feb. 2019

Dean Whitworth

Honoring a Forest Champion
Oct. 2018

Clint Dye

Honoring an Advocate for Justice & Human Rights
Aug. 2018

Bruce Gould and Kate McClory
Bruce Gould and Kate McClory

Advocates for a Better Appalachia
Feb. 2018

Lucy and Rich Henighan
Lucy & Rich Henighan

Making A Difference in East Tennessee
Aug. 2017

Lynn Brammer

Embodying Activism in Blacksburg, Va.
Feb. 2017

Teri Crawford-square
Teri Crawford Brown

Conservation Starts at Home
Oct. 2016

Gabrielle Zeiger
Gabrielle Zeiger

Mushroom Expert and Mountain Lover
Feb. 2016

Dean Whitworth
Dean Whitworth

Actor, Activist, Forest Advocate
Nov. 2015

Carol Rollman

Farming a sustainable future
Aug. 2015

Nicholas Young

Motivated by connecting to mountain history
May 2015

Martha Paradeis

Protecting a home-away-from-home in the mountains
Mar. 2015

Davis Wax working with a crew maintaining the Appalachian Trail
Davis Wax

A trail builder and determined volunteer steps up to make a difference
Oct. 2014

The Mullins

A former coal-mining family seeks a better future
June 2014

Alison Auciello

Protecting her family’s roots
April 2014

Connie Hale

Dedicated to sustainable business
Feb. 2014

Brenda Sigmon

Promoting the power of the great outdoors
Dec. 2013

Shay and Kim Clanton

Nature-inspired artists defend their land
Nov. 2013

Michael Elchinger

Graduate student with a cause
Sept. 2013

Silas House

Board member, native Appalachian, writer, activist
Aug. 2013

Ivan Samuels

West Coast biologist promotes end of mountaintop removal
June 2013

Sarah Kavage

Awareness through art
Apr. 2013

Marc Maiorana

The blacksmith who loves clean water
Feb. 2013

Betsy Shepard

Protecting her kids from coal plants
Aug. 2012

Dan Firth

Volunteer Monitors Mine Data and Maintains Appalachian Trail
Summer 2020

Ashly Bargman

A Beekeeper Working for the Good of the Whole
December 2019

Vesta Jean Lenhart

A lifelong spirit of preservation
August 2019

Sister Beth Davies

“Love Your Neighbor” In Action
April 2019

people behind counter
John & Faye Cooper

Business owners with community purpose
Dec. 2018

mike mckinney
Mike McKinney

Teacher, Leader and Environmental Advocate
June 2018

Diana canoeing
Diana Withen

Teacher, Leader and Environmental Advocate
Oct. 2017

Susan Tyree and Kent Walton
Susan Tyree & Kent Walton

Nature’s Stewards
April 2017

Bill Bristoll
Ben Bristoll

Bike Delivery Brings The Voice to Roanoke
Oct. 2016

Tracey Wright

Educator and "Everyday Person"
Apr. 2016

Tootsie and Teddy Jablonski
Tootsie and Teddy Jablonski

Selfless Sisters
Dec. 2015

Pallavi Podapati

Board member digs into miner health policies
Sept. 2015

William Dixon
William Dixon

The Eternal Optimist
June 2015

Bob Belton

An avid flyfisherman who uses his time off the rivers working to protect them
April 2015

Kevin Price's chocolate lab Mae Mae is Blue Smoke Coffee's unofficial mascot.
Kevin Price

A small businessman, with soul
Dec. 2014

Scott Goebel

A cabin at the end of the whirled
July 2014

Margaret Breslau

A local leader with a global spirit
May 2014

Dr. Pat Holmes

Inspired by mountain creeks
Mar. 2014

Distribution Heroes

Nearly 100 volunteers make The Voice distribution a reality
Dec. 2013

Lowell Dodge

Champion for the people and forests
Dec. 2013

Gail Marney

Teacher and landowner faces down extraction
Oct. 2013

Susan Hazelwood

A key player in the preservation of N.C.’s newest state park
Aug. 2013

Grace Cangialosi

Retired minister aids conservation efforts in the Shenandoah Valley
July 2013

Lyn Hartman

An inspired social worker
May 2013

Bruce Compton

A champion for conservation
Mar. 2013

Olivia Stegall

The littlest volunteer that could
Feb. 2013

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