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Jonathan Towers

South Fork Sharestead

In six years, Jonathan Towers has transformed his average American home into an energy-efficient, food-abundant powerhouse. Through clever home retrofits and a strong commitment to energy conservation, his utility bill has dropped 75 percent.
Bog turtle

Exploring Mountain Bogs

Although mountain bogs represent less than one percent of the southern Appalachian landscape, they are pockets of immense ecological and practical importance and provide a haven for many rare plants and animals.

State Legislative Updates

While lawmakers in Washington, D.C., might get most of the spotlight, the legislators in state capitols across the region are busy making — and blocking — laws that affect Appalachia’s land, air, water and people. Here’s the latest updates from state legislatures around the region.
A view from the summit of Little Table Rock Mountain

A Spring Hike Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Little Table Rock Mountain Trail is the longest of three newly designated Stanback Trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It is located just a mile up the Parkway from the Heffner Gap Overlook at milepost 325.9, where a second Stanback Trail — the Rose Creek Trail — begins directly across the street.

Microhydro Powers Mountain Farm

Our multimedia assistant, Matt Abele, traveled to Woodland Harvest Farm in Ashe County, N.C., to document how Elizabeth West and Lisa Redman are harnessing their creek to power their small homestead.