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Could Concrete Help Get Coal Ash Out of Neighborhoods?

More than 150 million tons of coal ash are stored in impoundment ponds across North Carolina. Recycling the ash for use in concrete may provide a way to remove this toxic material from neighborhoods.
Betsy Jaeger

Inside Out: Art for Environmental Awareness

An exhibit of mixed-media art by West Virginia resident Betsy Jaeger shares the drastic changes in her community due to mining and fracking operations.

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Congress Blocks Stream Protection Rule

The Congressional Review Act, a rarely invoked procedure, was used by the U.S. Congress to strike down the Stream Protection Rule, which would have helped limit mine waste in streams.
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Ponies of the Grayson Highlands

The wild ponies of Grayson Highlands State Park and Mount Rogers National Recreation Area in Southwest Virginia attract hikers of all ages — but take heed, don’t feed the ponies!
Photo by Cory Chen

American Kestrel: A Winged Predator Fights to Survive

The piercing cry of the American kestrel — once commonplace — is increasingly rare. Fortunately, the falcon adapts well to nest boxes installed by volunteers and landowners.