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State reactions to the Clean Power Plan. Map by Haley Rogers.

Clean Power Compliance

The Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan provides incentives for states that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and invest in cleaner energy. Find out how Appalachian state governments are reacting to the plan.
Growing Warriors

In Defense of Food Security

Veteran farmers and gardeners find that working the land can help with the transition from solider to civilian.
Bottles of water sit in stacks in Amy Brown’s living room. She is now familiar with how many bottles are needed for each family meal — boiling spaghetti takes four, while only two are needed for rice.

Living on Bottled Water

Residents of Belmont, N.C., continue to rely on bottled water, after tests of the drinking wells within 1,000 feet of Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds showed contamination.
The Big Sandy crayfish, which is currently considered endangered by Virginia officials, may also be listed as federally endangered. Photo by Zachary Loughman, West Liberty University

Mounting Threats Imperil Appalachian Crayfish

There are more than 300 different species of crayfish in the southeastern United States, and two West Virginia species of these adaptable freshwater crustaceans may be declared federally endangered.
Andrew Jessee tests the water for nitrates with fellow students from Castlewood High School at Wetlands Estonoa

Grade Green: Creative Environmental Curriculum

Educators across the region are bringing the lessons from the natural world to the classroom — and taking the classroom outside.