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In the December/January issue of The Appalachian Voice, we take a look at some of the region’s more unconventional power sources, including wind, chicken litter, sewage and a type of hydropower known as pumped storage. Depending on how and where they are deployed, such energy sources can bring cleaner electricity to the grid — or cause their own environmental or public health concerns. That line is not always clear.

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Simulated Rocky Forge Wind Project

Mountain Wind

Virginia’s first wind farm could break ground in Botetourt County.

Spur Trails and Campsite Along Art Loeb Trail

Section Hiking the Art Loeb trail

An 8.3-mile hike to the top of Shining Rock is perhaps the most scenic portion of North Carolina’s 30-mile Art Loeb Trail.

SAMS Members Jane Branham and Bill McCabe

Community Organizing Amid Destructive Mining

An oral history of the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards.

Bath County VA Pumped Storage Facility

Hydropower Storage: All it’s pumped up to be?

A new pumped storage energy facility in Southwest Virginia could potentially reuse an old coal mine — or raze a hillside.