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Harper Robinson of Conservation Pros connects a water heater blanket by applying insulation tape.

Home Projects to Save Energy and Money

These straightforward home projects can lower your energy bill as well as help you protect the environment by consuming less energy. Read more and watch the do-it-yourself instructional videos.
Photo by Cory Chen

American Kestrel: A Winged Predator Fights to Survive

The piercing cry of the American kestrel — once commonplace — is increasingly rare. Fortunately, the falcon adapts well to nest boxes installed by volunteers and landowners.

Representatives of The Alliance For Appalachia during a March trip to Washington, D.C.

RECLAIMing Central Appalachia

A rare bipartisan proposal aims to tackle two pressing issues related to the flailing coal industry — the need for new economic opportunities in central Appalachia and repairing environmental damage from decades of mining.

Honey mushrooms form as parasites on hardwood trees. Their underground mycelia can be long-lived and immense. Photo courtesy of No Taste Like Home

A Magical Mycology Tapestry

The mushrooms of Appalachia play an integral role in forest health and offer diverse tastes and medicinal benefits for the wild forager. But be careful, since many edible mushrooms have poisonous look-alikes.
A cypress grove is reduced to stumps near the Enviva wood pellet factory in Ahoskie, N.C. Photo courtesy of Dogwood Alliance

Burning Southern Forests to Fuel Europe

The global push for “green” energy has led to clearcutting across the Southeast, where forests are being harvested to fuel Europe’s — and particularly the United Kingdom’s — push to use alternative fuels.