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Full Disclosure? The Jungle of Fracking Rules

When Denise der Garabedian heard that fracking could come to the area near her home in the Smoky Mountains of Cherokee County, N.C., she began researching the controversial method of gas drilling and talking to neighbors who had seen the effects of the fracking boom in other states. [...]

Changemakers: Creating a Brighter Future

A series of profiles celebrates some of the engaged citizens, motivated visionaries and creative collaborations that enact the famous adage, attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, to “be the change you want to see in the world.” [...]


Most people have probably never heard of selenium, but for coal operators and fish it is a big deal. The mineral selenium occurs naturally and is necessary for life in extremely small amounts, but it is toxic to aquatic life even at very low levels. [...]

Whitewashing Reality: Diversity in Appalachia

The United States may be thought of as the good ol’ “Red, White, and Blue,” but in the minds of many, Appalachian America is simply “white, white, white” — racially, that is. Yet this generalization over-simplifies a more complicated — and more colorful — reality. [...]

Gateway to West Virginia Wonders

Just two miles away from busy Interstate 77, visitors to West Virginia’s Camp Creek State Park trade the hum of passing traffic for birdsong and the rushing chatter of waterfalls. [...]

New Farmers and the Hard Path to Land

The nation’s dearth of young farmers, combined with Appalachia’s already short stock of arable land, is leading many in the region to wonder: Who is going to farm Appalachia? [...]