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The northern water snake is a non-venomous snake found across Appalachia. Photo © John White / Virginia Herpetological Society

Recognizing the Northern Water Snake

The non-venomous northern water snake is frequently spotted at swimming holes and rivers in Appalachia — and sometimes mistaken for its venomous cousin, the copperhead.
A cypress grove is reduced to stumps near the Enviva wood pellet factory in Ahoskie, N.C. Photo courtesy of Dogwood Alliance

Burning Southern Forests to Fuel Europe

The global push for “green” energy has led to clearcutting across the Southeast, where forests are being harvested to fuel Europe’s — and particularly the United Kingdom’s — push to use alternative fuels.
This young raccoon has a condition called leucism that affects its coloring. Photo courtesy of Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc.

Born to Be Wild

Wildlife rehabilitation centers provide intensive care to injured animals and creatures that have been abandoned while still too young to survive on their own. Whenever possible, the animals are returned to the wild.
Appalachian Power Company customers attend a grassroots meeting to oppose extra charges and size limits on solar in Virginia

Clean Energy Pushback

Some of the region’s state legislatures and largest utilities have been working to restrict access to solar power and energy efficiency. But clean energy is here to stay.
The term “redneck” can be traced back to union miners who showed their allegiance by wearing red bandanas. Photo courtesy of WV Mine Wars Museum

Stepping into the West Virginia Mine Wars

The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in Matewan, W.Va., chronicles the struggle to unionize the state’s coal mines. Photographs and artifacts introduce visitors to the people and events from that time.