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Growing Warriors

In Defense of Food Security

Veteran farmers and gardeners find that working the land can help with the transition from solider to civilian.
Bog turtle

Exploring Mountain Bogs

Although mountain bogs represent less than one percent of the southern Appalachian landscape, they are pockets of immense ecological and practical importance and provide a haven for many rare plants and animals.
Citizens support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Photo courtesy of Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club

Clean Power Plan: Options and Opportunities

Federal limits on carbon emissions from power plants are moving forward — as are state-level implementation plans — despite an unfriendly reception from many Appalachian politicians.
Andrew Jessee tests the water for nitrates with fellow students from Castlewood High School at Wetlands Estonoa

Grade Green: Creative Environmental Curriculum

Educators across the region are bringing the lessons from the natural world to the classroom — and taking the classroom outside.

Microhydro Powers Mountain Farm

Our multimedia assistant, Matt Abele, traveled to Woodland Harvest Farm in Ashe County, N.C., to document how Elizabeth West and Lisa Redman are harnessing their creek to power their small homestead.