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Appalachia’s Health Checkup

For decades, residents of Appalachia have struggled with poor health and disproportionate rates of chronic disease. In the face of these challenges, efforts to bring medical care to those in need and foster healthier communities are growing.

Remembering an Environmental Warrior

Lenny Kohm was an activist who inspired countless people from the Arctic to Appalachia to stand up and exercise their right to protect the land and communities they love. We share several of the many tributes made to this hero, known by many as “The Chief.”

Fox Squirrels Make a Comeback in N.C.

If you’ve ever seen what you thought was a gray squirrel on steroids, what you actually saw was most likely a fox squirrel. This bushy-tailed, colossal squirrel is common throughout most of Appalachia, but was not seen in the North Carolina mountains in several decades — until relatively recently.
Interns at the New Beginnings camp

Seeding Dreams with Self-Esteem

Through educational advancement and hands-on training, two programs strive to build new opportunities for girls and women in rural Appalachia.

Ecotourism Rises Along with Hope for a Region’s Future

After enduring the booms and busts of an economy almost entirely dependent on coal, the residents of far southwest Virginia are taking their economic future into their own hands by capitalizing on the region’s incredible natural beauty to promote ecotourism.