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Seeking Justice: Activists and agencies react to systemic violations of mining laws.

James C. Justice is the rare, modern-day coal baron who actually resides in Appalachia. Despite his local ties, Justice-owned operations have earned him a reputation among environmental advocates as one of the region’s worst violators of mining laws.

Climate in the Classroom

Scientists and science educators overwhelmingly agree that climate change is real and that part of science education is informing students about that reality. Appalachian educators are up to the challenge.

Ecotourism Rises Along with Hope for a Region’s Future

After enduring the booms and busts of an economy almost entirely dependent on coal, the residents of far southwest Virginia are taking their economic future into their own hands by capitalizing on the region’s incredible natural beauty to promote ecotourism.

Getting Wild: The Tennessee Wilderness Proposal

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Currently, a proposal to designate nearly 20,000 acres of the Cherokee National Forest as official wilderness sits in Congress. Writer Chris Samoray takes a hike through a proposed wild area along the Bald River.

Draftwood Horse Logging: Sustainable, Local Wood, From Forest to Finish

Somewhere on the line between clear-cutting a forest and leaving it untouched lies a practice referred to as modern horse logging. This sustainable form of forestry is simultaneously a kick back to the past and the standard of the future.

Volunteering in Appalachia: A Community Effort

The benefits of service are vast. When we help each other, we learn from one another too. There are no shortage of diverse opportunities to join and serve. Get inspired to take action!