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coal train

Trump’s Would-Be Coal Comeback

President-elect Donald Trump has expressed his support of the coal industry. Less clear is how he will attempt to revive the struggling sector — or how he will confront the collateral damage to human health, the environment and the climate that could result.
Music on the Crooked Road

Traveling The Crooked Road

Along its 330-mile route, The Crooked Road in Southwest Virginia connects visitors with the sounds of America’s roots music and demonstrates how a region can leverage its cultural assets to develop a new economy.
Solar farm

Electric Cooperatives Initiate Community Solar Projects

Electric cooperatives in Virginia and Tennessee have launched community solar projects to help members save money while reducing carbon emissions.

Photo by Gareth Tate

Navigating the Russell Fork

Poised to bolster a flagging economy, the stunning Russell Fork River also faces threats from coal mining.
Photo by Cory Chen

American Kestrel: A Winged Predator Fights to Survive

The piercing cry of the American kestrel — once commonplace — is increasingly rare. Fortunately, the falcon adapts well to nest boxes installed by volunteers and landowners.