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This young raccoon has a condition called leucism that affects its coloring. Photo courtesy of Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc.

Born to Be Wild

Wildlife rehabilitation centers provide intensive care to injured animals and creatures that have been abandoned while still too young to survive on their own. Whenever possible, the animals are returned to the wild.
Appalachian Power Company customers attend a grassroots meeting to oppose extra charges and size limits on solar in Virginia

Clean Energy Pushback

Some of the region’s state legislatures and largest utilities have been working to restrict access to solar power and energy efficiency. But clean energy is here to stay.
American woodcock, photo by Rodney Campbell

Meet the Elusive American Woodcock

Characterized by a long bill, short and stout stature, extravagant mating display and a nickname like timberdoodle, the American Woodcock would seem to be a bird that stands out. But that is not the case.
Representatives of The Alliance For Appalachia

RECLAIMing Central Appalachia

A rare bipartisan proposal aims to tackle two pressing issues related to the flailing coal industry — the need for new economic opportunities in central Appalachia and repairing environmental damage from decades of mining.
Photo courtesy of Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition

What’s Coming Down the Natural Gas Pipeline?

Proposed natural gas pipelines could carry gas from fracking operations to Virginia and North Carolina if new pipelines and infrastructure projects are approved. But these investments in natural gas could come with a steep environmental and economic toll.