A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Environmental and cultural news from around the Central and Southern Appalachian region

Environmental Groups Reach Agreement with Forest Service for Timber Sale

After three years of deliberations with environmental groups, the U.S. Forest Service reduced the acreage of a timber sale in the Jefferson National Forest and took other measures to protect water quality.

Proposal for Ohio River Water Pollution Standards Undergoes Third Revision

The proposed plan would continue to allow the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission to set water pollution limits, but would allow states to make different restrictions on a conditional basis.

Southeast Endangered Species Get Less Funding Compared to Other Regions

Conservation biologist Bernie Kuhajda found that some aquatic species outside of the Southeast receive as much as 46.6 times more funding than those in the region.

Appalachian State Student Government Passes Climate Neutrality Bill

The ASU student government voted unanimously in favor of a bill calling on the Boone, N.C., university to pursue a net-zero impact on greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Doctoral Student Helps Virginia Tech Labs Go Green

Virginia Tech doctoral student Ellen Garcia is implementing green practices such as recycling and energy efficiency at the university's science labs.

Withdrawal of Planned Pikeville Employer Enerblu, Inc., Linked to Global Events

After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi Arabian consulate, the primary investor for a planned battery plant in Pikeville, Ky., dropped out of the project.

Global Recycling Changes Affect Tri-Cities Area

Multiple recycling programs in the tri-cities area of Virginia and Tennessee have been affected by a Kingsport recycling facility's closure that is linked to China's ban on the import of 24 recyclable materials.

Wildlife Center Continues Legal Fight for Raptor Rehab Facility

Neighbors of the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke are suing the facility for its plans to build a raptor rehabilitation cage, putting the center in financial jeopardy.

Camp Nelson Honored as a National Monument

The president ordered the creation of the Camp Nelson National Monument in October 2018 to honor black troops who fought in the Civil War.

Repercussions of Government Shutdown Visible in Region

The partial U.S. government shutdown affected Appalachian federal employees, national parks and forests, food stamp recipients, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and more.

Tennessee Wants You to Sniff Out Rare Skunks

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is on the lookout for the rare Eastern spotted skunk after a trail camera caught one by chance last fall.

Thousands of West Virginia Acres to Become Public Land

The Conservation Fund purchased nearly 19,000 acres of West Virginia land in December and plans to transfer it to the state for hunting and habitat protection.

Rockwool Proposal Draws Criticism and West Virginia Constitutional Challenge

Some residents of Jefferson County, W.Va., are resisting the Danish stone wool insulation manufacturing company's proposal to build a plant that would emit large amounts of volatile organic compounds.

Beckley Protects LGBTQ Residents

Beckley, W.Va., officials added "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to a list of official protected minorities in the city.

Microplastics Flood Tennessee River Watershed

A team of scientists and volunteers surveyed the Tennessee River and found massive amounts of broken-down plastics, which aren't regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.