Energy Report

A bimonthly digest of regional energy news

Problems Persist for Rover and Mariner East 2 Pipelines During Construction

August 22, 2017 Construction of two natural gas pipelines has contaminated wetlands or local drinking water systems. State judges and agencies have halted construction in response.

Virginia and North Carolina Vow Climate Action As U.S. Withdraws from Paris Agreement

August 22, 2017 The governors of North Carolina and Virginia signed a letter agreeing to meet necessary leadership for commitment to Paris Agreement, and Virginia moves forward with plans to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Opposition to Potential Nuclear Reactors in Tennessee

August 22, 2017 The Tennessee Valley Authority is seeking an early permit for modular nuclear reactors in Roane County, Tenn.

Repeal of EPA Methane Rule Denied in Court

August 22, 2017 The Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to suspend a rule that restricts methane leaks related to natural gas infrastructure were denied by an appeals court.

NC Passes Controversial Solar and Wind Law

August 22, 2017 A new North Carolina law faces sharp criticism from some advocates of renewable energy, but others are touting it as a win for the solar industry. The law also implements a moratorium on wind development, but an executive directive from the governor placed limits on that moratorium.

Third Coal Ash Recycling Site Announced in NC

August 22, 2017 Duke Energy plans to follow state law and construct a third coal ash recycling plant in Moncure, N.C.

Energy Report Newsbites

August 22, 2017 Jobs in solar outnumber coal in Virginia; U.S. Dept. of Energy seeks to extract rare earth elements from coal; U.S. Dept. of Interior pans to accelerate drilling for oil and gas on federal lands; Duke Energy withdraws plan to add chemical compounds to coal-fired power plants that would have threatened drinking water.

Utilities Face Legal Challenges in Ongoing Coal Ash Cleanup

June 15, 2017 Duke Energy and Dominion Energy, both energy utilities, face legal challenges as they struggle to cut costs while meeting their requirements to clean up their coal ash ponds. And new regulations in Kentucky worry some.

Water Quality Permits and the Pipelines

June 15, 2017 On May 24, Virginia’s state environmental regulatory agency conceded that information it had provided about how it would evaluate the potential water quality impact of two natural gas pipelines was inaccurate.

Empower Kentucky Plan Would Create Jobs, Boost Energy Efficiency

June 15, 2017 A new plan by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth sets a path for the state to reduce its carbon footprint, increase social justice, create jobs and boost the economy.

Coal Plant Waste Standards Put on Hold by EPA and Other Shorts

June 14, 2017 The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has stalled regulations that would prevent water pollution from coal power plants, a new study finds a link between natural gas fracking and increased infant mortality, and new drilling activities for the Rover Pipeline were put on hold after a massive spill into Ohio wetlands.

Virginia Takes Lead in Efforts to Reduce Carbon

June 14, 2017 Gov. Terry McAuliffe has directed the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to begin developing a plan to reduce the carbon emissions from the state's electricity sector.

Regional Utilities Don’t Plan to Return to Coal

June 14, 2017 Despite promises made by President Donald Trump to revive the coal industry, CEOs from the region's largest utilities have stated that they don't intend to return to burning coal to make electricity.

Citizens Fight New Mines and Mining Problems in West Virginia

June 14, 2017 Citizens continue to fight mountaintop removal mining happening in West Virginia. As the state's Surface Mine Board continues to issue new permits, watchdog groups remain vigilant in monitoring for environmental violations.

Coal Ash Storage and Cleanup Problems Continue Across the Southeast

April 12, 2017 Across the Southeast, problems related to the cleanup and storage of coal ash continue to plague area residents.