A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Get Involved with The Appalachian Voice!

From freelance writers to interns to volunteer distributors, The Appalachian Voice publication is the result of a massive group effort. Below are some ways you can get involved with the publication!

Intern with us

Interested in using your writing, graphics or advertising skills to support environmental awareness in Appalachia? Each semester we accept several student interns to help us put together the publication. Gain firsthand experience in journalistic writing and in nonprofit communications through an internship. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Visit our organization’s internship page and look under “Communications internships” to learn more!

Intern with us

Republication Guidelines

We want the material in The Appalachian Voice to reach as many readers as possible. If you would like to reproduce our content on your platform, drop us a line at editor [at] appvoices.org. If we approve your request, we will ask you to include the writer’s byline, cite The Appalachian Voice, and include a link to the original story post or The Appalachian Voice home page if you’re publishing the story online. In many cases, you will be able to reproduce the photos used with the story if you include all relevant photo credit information, but please ask us about photo reproduction prior to use.

Contributor Guidelines

The Appalachian Voice welcomes your ideas and submissions. Our print edition is published every other month, and because of our limited page space we schedule story topics several months to a year in advance to ensure that we are able to cover a wide variety of issues and geographic locations. If you have an idea for a story in The Appalachian Voice, please email editor [at] appvoices.org or call (828) 262-1500.

We encourage you to correspond with us about story proposals before taking the time to write a draft specifically for our publication, although we are glad to review completed drafts as well. Please read The Appalachian Voice before submitting story queries.

The Appalachian Voice does not hold an exclusive copyright for content published on our print or web platforms, but we retain the right to publish any content used in the print edition on Appalachian Voices’ online channels and vice versa.

We do not publish poetry or fiction.

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