Issue 3: June/July 2013

Garden Advice from the Experts!

As we prepared this agriculture-themed issue of The Appalachian Voice, we couldn’t help but think of how to improve our own green thumbs. We took the following questions to Ruth Gonzalez and Meredith McKissick at the Organic Growers School, a nonprofit that promotes sustainability through educational opportunties in Southern Appalachia. 1. Is there a way […]

Heirloom Plants Preserve Tradition and Heritage

By Alix John Woody Malot loves talking about heirloom seeds and seed saving. He gives out heirloom seeds to his friends and students, offers advice on how to grow them and emphasizes their stories and heritage. He is currently the head of the science department at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School and owner of Barker’s Creek Grist […]

Adapting Farms to Face the Climate Challenge

By Brian Sewell Around the world, farmers are arguably the first to feel the impacts of climate change, and of all the systems put at risk, food may be the most fragile. Some of the largest grain and livestock producing states are still recovering from last year’s drought-stricken season. And forecasts for this summer are […]

Bee Deaths Linked to Pesticides

By Davis Wax More than 30 percent of managed bee colonies in the United States perished this past winter, and beekeepers are looking for answers. While parasites, viruses and malnutrition can be factors in entire hives dying, evidence is building that pesticides are one of the major culprits. Danny Jaynes, president of the N.C. State […]

Four Ways to Preserve the Farm

By Matt Grimley Between economic, legal, regional and personal circumstances, no two farmers will make the same decisions about how to keep their farms productive into the future. Noted here are just a few paths to preserving the farming tradition. If you’re looking for more information, start at your local cooperative extension office. Fostering land […]