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Farming and Fracking

How uncertain property rights affect agriculture in West Virginia By Dave Walker This year will be Steve Vortigern and his wife Sunshine’s tenth year of farming in Preston County, W.Va. On 41 acres, they grow more than 40 different varieties


Owning the Mountains: Appalachia’s history of corporate control

By Elizabeth E. Payne Throughout the history of the United States, Appalachia has attracted the attention of outside investors hoping to profit from the region’s valuable commodities. First timber, then coal and now natural gas are all highly valued. To


Fracked-gas Pipelines Would Threaten Homes and Dreams

Atlantic Coast Pipeline opposition

A Tale of Two Families By Cat McCue At the top of Sinking Creek Mountain in western Virginia, where Craig, Giles and Montgomery counties meet, sits a 50-acre parcel of land with views in all directions. To Judy and Steve


The Hidden Gem of Rocky Fork

This moderately strenuous hike through the mountains of eastern Tennessee follows an old logging trail to the 100-foot Big Falls on Lower Higgens Creek. Several creek crossings and caves mark the remainder of the path to Birchfield Camp Lake.


Celebrating Two Decades and Counting…

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Appalachian Voice. Learn how the newspaper got its start and how the organization, Appalachian Voices, came into being a year later.


Blasted: Homeowners near mine seek recourse for property damage

Karen and Jerry Kirk live in a home that they believe was damaged during blasting for a nearby surface mine. Despite years of frustration, they have been unable to get compensation for the damage to their property.


Spotlight – Gabrielle Zeiger, Mushroom Expert and Mountain Lover

An amateur mushroom and fungi expert and a stalwart mountain lover, Gabrielle Zeiger has delivered The Appalachian Voice for us for over 16 years.

From the Archives: With Cougar Sightings Galore, Has the Cat Come Back?

The following story by Nathaniel H. Axtell appeared in the second issue of The Appalachian Voice, Summer 1996. In the years since, we featured articles on the Eastern cougar in 2001 (“Cores, Cougars & Corridors“) and again in 2008 (“Cougars

Environmental Votetracker – Feb/March 2016

See how Appalachian congressional representatives voted on several environmental issues in December 2015 and January 2016.


Major Coal Companies File for Bankruptcy

Both Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources are undergoing bankruptcy. Alpha was allowed to issue nearly $12 million in executive bonuses, even while it tries to avoid paying some retirees’ life insurance and health benefits.


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