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Betting the Farm on a “Wild West” Hemp Economy in Appalachia

man in front of hemp field

Ever-changing laws and regulations, a saturated CBD market and high operating costs are stressing the region’s industrial hemp farmers.


An Innovative Biochar System

biochar kiln, biochar, and dehydrator

The Nexus biochar system boosts soil health while sequestering carbon and saving energy and money for local farmers.


Extending the Growing Season

Appalachian farmers and gardeners are using season extension techniques such as high tunnels to expand growing opportunities.


Farming and Fracking

How uncertain property rights affect agriculture in West Virginia By Dave Walker This year will be Steve Vortigern and his wife Sunshine’s tenth year of farming in Preston County, W.Va. On 41 acres, they grow more than 40 different varieties


Appalachian Farmers to Benefit from Remote-Sensing Data

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and NASA are working together to produce maps that will help farmers better prepare for the effects of climate change.


Resourceful and Resilient: June/July issue of The Appalachian Voice celebrates farmers

From determined Virginia cattle farmers to entrepreneurial vegetable growers in eastern Kentucky, the latest issue of The Appalachian Voice showcases the resourcefulness and resilience of our mountain farmers. In our features, Today’s Farming Frontier looks at how growers are adapting


Addressing Food Insecurity

Finding New Ways To Feed Families Story by David Brewer The welcome arrival of spring and summer in Appalachia represents that magical time of year when, instead of bundling up for a trip to the grocery store, we toss on


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