From the Archives: With Cougar Sightings Galore, Has the Cat Come Back?

Voice_20thanniversaryThe following story by Nathaniel H. Axtell appeared in the second issue of The Appalachian Voice, Summer 1996. In the years since, we featured articles on the Eastern cougar in 2001 (“Cores, Cougars & Corridors“) and again in 2008 (“Cougars still fascinate Appalachian naturalists“) as well as in smaller newsbites. Our latest article, “Cougars: Ghosts of Appalachia” published in February/March 2016, continues the look at the elusive Eastern species and whether it still exists in Appalachia, or only in our memory.

Click on each of the pages below to read the original 1996 article, or download and read a PDF.




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