Arctic Gardens: Voices from An Abundant Land

Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land

Review by Jeff Deal

Few places on Earth have galvanized the hearts and minds of those seeking to safeguard and strengthen Earth’s precious cultural heritage and natural wonders like the Arctic. Dr. Harvard Ayers, Landon Pennington and David Harmon’s book, “Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land,” is a firsthand account of the detrimental effects that fossil fuels and global warming inflict on one of North America’s last great wild ranges: the Arctic region of Canada and Alaska. Through interviews with 100 native people — Indians, Eskimos and Inuvialuit — the authors document the formidable challenges wrought by industrial global climate change on the cultures and people who have lived successfully in concert with the land and wildlife of the Arctic for thousands of years.The eyewitness accounts are supported by scientific evidence from the areas of biology, earth science, anthropology and ecology, and create a strong case for defending and bettering the world, on which all our lives, and the future, depend. You can purchase the book in print or electronic format at

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