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West Virginians speak out against proposal to log state parks

kids by big tree

Guest blogger Chad Cordell of the Kanawha Forest Coalition provides an update on a West Virginia bill that would allow commercial logging of high-value trees in WV state parks, and shares some easy ways to contact decision-makers in support of our parks. #SOSParks


Environmental Votetracker — Dec. 2017 / Jan. 2018 issue

chart showing how Appalachian legislators voted

How Appalachian House and Senate members voted regarding several environmental issues in October and November.


Certification for Ethically-Produced Ginseng Launches

Advocates for sustainably grown ginseng hope a new certification helps to curb over-harvesting and poaching of this valuable medicinal plant.


Rescuing the Red Spruce Ecosystem

After a hike up a mountain, Andrea Brandon gently places a red spruce sapling into the rich West Virginia soil. Though only twelve inches tall, this small tree and others like it are a promising start to the restoration of an entire ecosystem.


Bored to Death

By Amber Ellis Originally from eastern Russia and northeastern Asia, the emerald ash borer found its way to southeastern Michigan through infested cargo ships in 2002 and quickly became North America’s most destructive forest pest. Since then, the invasive beetle


One Appalachian College Strives to Reforest Haiti

Sewanee students and Partners of Agriculture members monitor coffee tree saplings in their Haitian nursery. Photo by Charlotte Henderson

By Carvan Craft Growing Sustainable Students RELATED STORIES Greening the Ivory Tower: Smart institutions find smart ways to save energy Students lead divestment campaign against fossil fuels One Appalachian college strives to reforest Haiti Five schools make the switch to


Burning Wood: The Good, the Bad and the Misunderstood

As the push continues to seek alternative and renewable energy resources, utility companies are increasingly turning to an energy source from days gone by: wood. The growth of the biomass-for-energy industry has been particularly vigorous in the Southeast, with exports


Fox Squirrels Making a Comeback in N.C.

If you’ve ever seen what you thought was a gray squirrel on steroids, what you actually saw was most likely a fox squirrel. This bushy-tailed, colossal squirrel is common throughout most of Appalachia, but was not seen in the North Carolina mountains in several decades — until relatively recently.


Fixing What Has Been Destroyed

By Mike Alilionis Mountaintop Removal Campaign intern, Fall 2010 This past weekend, activists gathered on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia – home of Larry Gibson, keeper of the mountains. Larry, as well as activists from Mountain Justice and Climate Ground


Radio Interview: Environmental Concerns for Shenandoah National Park

A babbling brook. A fall ridge view in the park. Appalachian Voices’ Virginia Director Tom Cormons was a guest yesterday on a public radio program focused on the impacts of climate change on Shenandoah National Park. A new report from