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A depression in a rock ridge is filled with water. Clouds fill the valley below and sunrise colors the sky.

Seven Geological Wonders of Appalachia

The Appalachian Mountains are abundant with magnificent natural wonders. Here’s a sampling of stunning geological features within the region.

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A man points to a machine while speaking.

‘Every Stick:’ SWVA Biochar Uses Local Waste to Create Quality Soil

A Southwest Virginia company’s biochar product is carbon-negative and has applications in agriculture.

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A woman holds a spotted skunk.

Why Appalachia’s Spotted Skunk is so Rare

The eastern spotted skunk was not always as rare as it is today. Find out what researcher Emily Thorne has learned about this master of malodor.

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New Effort to Reduce ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water

The Environmental Protection Agency set stricter limits on the levels of certain PFAS chemicals in drinking water and is providing funding to test and treat public water systems and private wells.

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Study Predicts Five-fold Increase in Regional Wildfires

A recent study warns of a dramatic increase in the amount of land burned by wildfires in southern Appalachian forests, and provides information for fire and land management strategies.

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Pisgah View, North Carolina’s Newest State Park, Moves Forward

A 1,300-acre land acquisition advances North Carolina’s newest state park to the master planning stage.

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A couple sits atop the grassy summit of Max Patch, taking in the views under a beautiful blue sky dotted with white cumulous clouds.

How Max Patch Bald is Finally Healing

After overuse forced the closure of Max Patch Bald, efforts by the U.S. Forestry Service and trail groups to restore the area show dramatic progress.

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Endangered Tiny Tarantula Faces Habitat Loss

An endangered, tiny tarantula living in moss in the Appalachian Mountains is losing more of its habitat.

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A tan spider with dark markings on its back pulling a large, white egg sac behind it, is seen from a side angle

10 New Spider Species Discovered in Appalachia

Researchers have discovered 10 new spider species that have adapted to the subterranean habitat of Appalachian caves.

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Fracking rig

Activists Rally Over Pending Fracking on Ohio’s State Lands

A governor-appointed commission could begin approving fracking leases on Ohio’s state lands as early as next month. A rally to oppose the leases will be held Friday, Oct. 27 at noon at the Ohio Statehouse.

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