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AV's Intern Team

Every year, Appalachian Voices is fortunate to assemble a phenomenal team of rockstar interns from numerous Appalachian and East Coast universities. Enjoy these posts from our interns.

Demystifying heat pumps

Curious about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint? Read on to learn about heat pumps!

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Communities identify priorities during first listening sessions of multi-year project 

In late April, Appalachian Voices started our first round of Community Strong listening sessions, part of a multi-year project to plan, design and implement community-driven projects.

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Photo taken December 2023 of a mine in Pike County that has not produced coal since 2019.

A week of action to stop zombie coal mines

This week, Appalachian Voices and 12 partner organizations are on Capitol Hill to tell Congress to protect our communities by making coal companies clean up their functionally abandoned coal mines, known as zombie mines.

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Coal bankruptcies continue to put a strain on communities

It is far too easy for coal companies to use bankruptcy to effectively hit a reset button. Once they file for bankruptcy, damages they caused and obligations they committed to are often no longer their responsibility.

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A man sits beside a wooden shelter in the woods.

Views and Brews

There’s nothing better than some time on the trail followed by a smooth cup of java or something with a little kick. Enjoy this carefully crafted list of the perfect pairings.

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Reducing Methane Emissions from Wells Could Create Tens of Thousands of Jobs

Decommissioning unplugged oil and gas wells and reducing emissions at operating wells in accordance with new federal guidelines would create tens of thousands of jobs across four states, according to a recent report.

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A Kanawha County school bus fills the photo.

WV Companies Deploying Federal Manufacturing and Clean Energy Incentives

Four West Virginia school districts welcomed West Virginia-made electric school buses, and an old machine shop is being transformed into a center for advanced manufacturing.

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A hand is seen holding an infrared camera screen.

Lowering Costs for Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Tax credits and rebates can help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades.

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Real Stories of the Rural Energy for America Program

Dive into these stories of Appalachian entrepreneurs and farmers leveraging the Rural Energy for America Program to build a greener future for their communities.

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The slow, steady process of making regulators and coal companies monitor pollution

In late summer of 2022, Appalachian Voices discovered selenium, a common pollutant associated with coal mining, in high concentrations in certain streams in the Big Sandy River watershed in Pike County, Kentucky. These waterways receive runoff from the S-1 Hunts Branch Surface Mine, a nearly 2,000-acre mountaintop removal coal mine operated by Lexington Coal Company.

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