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Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Public Comment Period Begins


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will be accepting public comments on the 73-mile fracked-gas pipeline through Sept. 16, 2019.


People in the Path of Pipelines

Residents along the path of major new and proposed interstate fracked-gas pipelines share their stories.


MVP Southgate Met with Staunch Resistance

signs in yard

Local governments, residents in the path of the pipeline, a state agency and more have spoken out against this proposed 73-mile extension of the fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline.


Katie Whitehead

woman next to pipeline marker

Katie Whitehead already has four pipelines running through her land – and Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate developers want to cut down three acres of her tree farm to add a fifth.


Seneca Rogers

man by church

Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate’s original route would have plowed straight through the cemetery of Seneca Rogers’ church. Although they shifted the route, Rogers’ opposition to the pipeline is unchanged.


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