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Native Plant Rescue Squad Aims to Boost the Biodiversity of Tennessee Neighborhoods

three smiling people and a dog in a greenhouse

By saving native plants from destruction and helping these plants find new homes, the Native Plant Rescue Squad is “helping reconnect people to themselves through the natural world.”


New Clinch River State Park Showcases Biodiversity

park sign

Supporters of Southwest Virginia’s newest state park hope that it will foster a conservation mindset and bring awareness to the Clinch River’s rich biodiversity.


Saving Appalachian Species

The Endangered Species Act plays a crucial role in protecting our region’s wealth of biodiversity — but this bedrock environmental law is under attack.


Get to Know Appalachia’s Vulnerable Species

Roanoke Logperch; Indiana Bat; Bog Turtle; Small-whorled Pogonia

We spotlight eight of our region’s at-risk species.


Southeast Endangered Species Get Less Funding Compared to Other Regions

Conservation biologist Bernie Kuhajda found that some aquatic species outside of the Southeast receive as much as 46.6 times more funding than those in the region.


Clinch-Powell Clean Rivers Initiative Extended

State and federal agencies will continue working together to protect and restore the Clinch-Powell watershed in Tennessee and Virginia over the next 10 years.


Study Reveals Threats to Southeast Freshwater Biodiversity

A recent study shows that human development and insufficient conservation efforts threaten the freshwater biodiversity of the southeastern United States.


Critters at Risk

The temperate forests of central and southern Appalachia are home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. But climate change, pollution and loss of habitat are putting many of these creatures at risk of extinction.


Preserving the “Heart of Appalachia”

By Kimber Ray Tracking the Trails of a Reinspired History Clinch Water Revival: Ecotourism on the River | River Access: A Community Effort Hiking the Highlands: Streamside Technology in the Clinch River Valley When a developer from New York told


Peregrine Falcons: Diving Back into Appalachia

By Nolen Nychay High atop the cityscape, yellow-ringed eyes squinting in morning sun, the dark silhouette of a peregrine falcon lies in wait of the perfect ambush. As a low-flying pigeon approaches, the peregrine leaps into a dive, closing the


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