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A Cloud of Coal Mine Dust over a West Virginia Community Points to Regulatory Shortcomings

As residents of the Eunice community in West Virginia grapple with coal mine dust, regulations governing air pollution offer little help.


North Carolina Seeks Public Comment on Regional Haze Plan

view of a mountain is partially obscured by white haze

As North Carolina develops its 10-year plan to reduce haze in national parks and wilderness areas, conservation and health groups allege that North Carolina and other Southeast states are missing key sources of emissions in their analysis.


Permit Renewal Raises Questions for Radford Arsenal

Air pollution concerns at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant spark a controversy in the New River Valley.


Get Ready: Confronting Carbon Pollution

outsource_newsThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to reduce climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s existing power plants are expected to be unveiled on Monday, June 2. For environmental news junkies like us, this is the equivalent of the Super Bowl pre-game show. See what the buzz is about, and read our coverage of the rules in The Appalachian Voice.


High Courts Support Air Pollution Standards

By Brian Sewell A series of recent court rulings have supported air pollution standards proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, adding to the challenges facing utilities that rely heavily on coal. In April, a federal appeals court upheld the


Confronting Carbon Pollution

By Molly Moore Six months after declaring “climate change is a fact,” in his State of the Union address, President Obama prepared to unveil what The New Yorker calls “the policy centerpiece of his second term.” The U.S. Environmental Protection


50th Anniversary of the Clean Air Act of 1963


Although the Clean Air Act was first enacted Dec. 17, 1963, it wasn’t until the 1970 Clean Air Act amendments that the law was substantial enough to make a memorable mark on history. Perhaps embarrassed by memories of the more clumsy and inept act of 1963, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency itself gave the 50th anniversary the cold shoulder — instead celebrating the of the amendments Dec. 31, 2010.


Carbon Controversy: EPA Gathers Feedback on Emissions Rules

By Brian Sewell This fall, public listening sessions held by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency served as an opportunity to influence future rules to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, the centerpiece of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Comments


N.C. State Rep. Harrison: Let the EPA Do Its Job

By Davis Wax Editorial assistant, Spring/Summer 2013 What should the role of the states be in protecting human health and the environment? Last Friday, the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Economy held a hearing to untangle


Other Shorts

House Sides with Coal, Passes a Non-starter On Sept. 21, in its last act before the election, the Republican-led House of Representatives passed H.R. 3409, a package of five bills it calls the “Stop the War on Coal Act,” claiming


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