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Calls for Action on RECLAIM Act

Jim Ward speaks outside of White House

Supporters of the RECLAIM Act traveled to Washington, D.C., in October to urge legislators to cosponsor the bill and hold a vote before the end of 2017.


Three New Preserves Established on Pine Mountain in Eastern Kentucky

Pine Mountain

The Kentucky Natural Lands Trust purchased nearly 2,000 acres of Pine Mountain, Ky., for three new preserves in October.


Community Organizing Amid Destructive Mining

SAMS Members Protesting

Formed 10 years ago in response to coal mines proposed near Wise County, Va., Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards continues their work to build sustainable communities.


Program Aims to Boost Virginia’s Bobwhite Quail

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s program to increase bobwhite quail populations is expected to benefit farmers.


Monsanto Herbicide Threatens Nearby Crops

Monsanto’s dicamba spray can drift to other fields, damaging crops not manufactured by the company to be resistant to the herbicide.


Remembering Dianne Bady

Dianne Bady

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition Founder Dianne Bady leaves behind a legacy of giving voice to citizens who envision a healthier environment, intact mountains and clean water.


Environmental Votetracker — Dec. 2017 / Jan. 2018 issue

chart showing how Appalachian legislators voted

How Appalachian House and Senate members voted regarding several environmental issues in October and November.


Virginia Announces Cleanest Air in 20 Years

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality states that levels of ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter have all fallen.


New River Gorge Bridge Celebrates 40 Years

West Virginia’s historic landmark turned 40 in October.


Chinese Company Signs 20-Year West Virginia Gas Deal

China Energy Investment Corp., Ltd., signed a 20-year, $83.7 billion deal to invest in shale gas and chemical manufacturing in West Virginia, raising questions about long-term implications.


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