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Appalachian solar jobs on the line in Trump’s Suniva decision

Guest blogger Kyle Pennell of PowerScout takes a look at President Trump’s upcoming January 26 ruling regarding tariffs on solar panel imports and the potential impact his decision could have either way.


Chinese Company Signs 20-Year West Virginia Gas Deal

China Energy Investment Corp., Ltd., signed a 20-year, $83.7 billion deal to invest in shale gas and chemical manufacturing in West Virginia, raising questions about long-term implications.


The Export Enigma: Appalachian Coal’s Complicated Outlets Overseas

By Brian Sewell Recently, coal exports have provided operators in Appalachia with a crucial buffer against the market-driven forces that are shaping the energy landscape across the United States. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, between 2009 and 2011,


US Coal: Keeping the Lights On…In Chinese Boardrooms?

As American Coal Exports Skyrocket, Chinese Companies Look To Buy Up Appalachia Much of the financial infrastructure for companies operating Appalachian surface mines may soon be in China, along with an increasing amount of Appalachian coal. On May 7, Guizhou


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