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Mountain Music Trail Winds Through WV

Following U.S. Route 219 through five counties in West Virginia, the Mountain Music Trail highlights the old-time music of the Mountain State.


Drivers of Pollution

By W. Spencer King Nearly ninety percent of Americans drive to work everyday, the commute bookending the workday with traffic, red lights and monotony. Greenhouse gases contribute to climate change and smog, which are detrimental to both the environment and


Considering Clean Power Compliance

From The Appalachian Voice:Almost everyone agrees that the Clean Power Plan is a game changer. Beyond that though, arguments about the climate regulations are often deeply colored by politics and disconnected from the plan’s intention or realistically expected outcomes. Here’s how Appalachian states are reacting to the final rule.


Coalfields Expressway

Virginia Highway Project Raises Questions about Relationship Between Coal and Roads By Molly Moore Ever since Appalachian coal began to power the Industrial Revolution, this fuel has influenced the location and condition of roads in the coal-bearing regions. In Virginia,


Are We There Yet?

The future of transportation is right around the bend — it’s just a matter of getting there. By Molly Moore Two-lane country highways snaking around bends, and gravel lanes winding through valleys, are part of the national image of Appalachia.


Surface Mine Proposal Puts Nearby Community and Endangered Bats At Risk

Local communities and an endangered bat species are threatened by two proposed mountaintop removal coal mines in West Virginia.


The Coyote Conundrum

Coyote populations in the Appalachian region are growing, and increasingly they are adapting to urban settings. As a result, interactions with humans are becoming more common.


A Solution Revolution

Renewable Energy and the Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicle By Jeff Deal While the electricity grid that powers much of the 21st century continues to benefit from the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal, vehicles powered by gasoline


Vaughn’s Diesel

A Tennessee man has built his own biodiesel fuel processor and now uses cooking oil to run his farm equipment and truck.


Appalachia’s Environmental Votetracker: Oct-Nov 2015

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See how Appalachian congressional representatives voted on several environmental issues during late summer 2015.


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