December 2019/January 2020

In this issue of The Appalachian Voice, we check in on the progress that towns, cities and schools in our region are making on the path to clean energy, and explore the challenges they face along the way. We also hear how homeowners, churches, nonprofit centers and more have made solar power a reality.

We also celebrate Appalachian music, from the living traditions of shape-note singing and instrument building to the newer rhythms of hip hop. Plus, read about the new network that aims to protect our oak trees from approaching diseases, and hear from community advocates looking to solve the water problems facing residents of Martin County, Ky.

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Overcoming Barriers to Clean Energy

As communities across the region and the nation strive to become more sustainable, local leaders and residents are meeting a variety of obstacles.

Seeking a Path to 100% Clean Energy

Appalachian Power Restricts Solar Savings in Virginia

TVA Stifles Small-Scale Solar in the Tennessee Valley

An Appalachian Solar Tour

Jayne Henderson

Celebrating Appalachian Music

Accomplished musicians in traditions old and new call the region home.

Other Top Stories

A High Price for Low-Quality Water

Residents of Martin County, Ky., and many other rural communities often deal with contaminated water despite exorbitant monthly bills.

MVP Ordered to Halt Work, Buckingham Gets Day in Court

Federal regulators ordered Mountain Valley Pipeline developers to halt work in mid-October, and a community’s legal challenge against a proposed compressor station in Union Hill, Va., moved forward.

North Carolinians Speak Out Against Fracked Gas Projects

In November, North Carolina landowners and concerned residents spoke out against the proposed MVP Southgate Pipeline and a proposed liquefied natural gas facility.

Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 - Columns

Hiking the Highlands

Cloudland Canyon

West Rim Loop Trail

A hike through Cloudland Canyon State Park reveals spectacular views of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Naturalist's Notebook

oak tree at sunrise

Threats to the Tree of Life

Magnificent, strong and once thriving in Appalachian forests, oaks now struggle to regenerate. As deadly diseases spread in other regions, a new alliance is emerging to protect this key species.

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Member Spotlight

Photo of Executive Director Tom Cormons

Achieving Clean Energy Goals: A Note From Our Executive Director

Appalachian Voices’ Executive Director Tom Cormons speaks on overcoming barriers to clean energy in our region.

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This Green House

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An Appalachian Solar Tour

Numerous Appalachian homes and businesses took part in the 2019 National Solar Tour in October, sharing their experiences and opening their doors to the public to view their solar installations.

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Environmental Votetracker — December 2019/January 2020

See how Appalachian legislators at the federal level voted in fall 2019.

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