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Student Sustainability Program at Virginia Tech Receives Award

A Virginia Tech program that implements student-proposed green projects received an award for innovation in sustainability.


An Innovative Biochar System

biochar kiln, biochar, and dehydrator

The Nexus biochar system boosts soil health while sequestering carbon and saving energy and money for local farmers.


Summit Stresses Sustainability in Climbing

Climbers hang from rock roof

The two-day workshop hosted by The Access Fund in April was centered on ensuring that rock climbing has a positive environmental and economic impact as the sport grows in the Appalachian region.


Ben Bristoll: Bike Delivery Brings The Voice to Roanoke

Ben Bristoll distributed The Appalachian Voice is Roanoke, Va., on his bike and lives his life as sustainably as possible.


Knoxville Homes Get an Energy Makeover

The Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover project is working to weatherize 1,278 homes by September 2017. They aim to reduce energy spending by at least 25 percent for each home weatherized.


Driving on Sunshine

Appalachia’s Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Company Brightfield Transportation Solutions, an Asheville, N.C.-based company, has harnessed the world’s largest and longest transportation fuel pipeline. This nearly 93-million-mile wireless pipeline wasn’t constructed by a large corporation, isn’t causing a political fist fight,


Virginia Town Tests Natural Pollution Treatment Techniques

Scientists implement bioremediation techniques in an effort to reduce the volume of PCBs at the overflow pond in Altavista, Va. Photo by Kevin Sowers

Using natural methods to remove toxic material from soil and water is an ancient practice that has not been well-studied. A series of projects in Altavista, Va., could be the first to show that bioremediation can be a successful, cost-effective way to treat PCB contamination.


Communities Find Solutions to Stormwater

The University of Kentucky’s rain garden is used as a living-learning lab for students. Photo courtesy of the University of Kentucky

To help reduce polluted stormwater from overwhelming nearby waterways, Appalachian cities, towns and universities are deploying green infrastructure and other creative methods.


Schools Do the Math and Go Green

Regional schools are finding that solar power and energy efficiency can help reduce electric bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a valuable learning opportunity.


Designing Endurance on the Appalachian Trail

Researchers are seeking to protect the Appalachian Trail from growing hiker use and increasingly erratic weather patterns.


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