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A publication of Appalachian Voices

October/November 2018

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October/November 2018

In Appalachia, our energy options and prices are determined by where we live. Whether our power provider is an investor-owned corporation, an electric cooperative or a municipally owned utility, they determine our energy sources and electricity costs, and even affect the affordability of putting solar panels on our own roofs.

These electric utilities are supposed to be accountable to the people they serve and act in the public’s interest. But the system often does not work in residents’ favor. In Part One of a special two-issue look at our energy system, we examine the underlying problems that prevent power companies from responding to the needs and interests of citizens. Our upcoming Dec./Jan. issue will explore the solutions.

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Imbalance of Power

Examining the system that keeps power companies and regulators from acting in ratepayers’ best interests

Brewsters warbler and great horned owl chick Bob Schamerhorn

Birds, Birds, Birds

Birders across Virginia are participating in a multi-year survey of breeding birds in an effort to provide sound science to inform better conservation policies.



Hiking the Highlands

The Bluestone Turnpike Trail

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Naturalist's Notebook

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