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A publication of Appalachian Voices

June/July 2018

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June/July 2018

Most of the world’s flowering plants, including fruits and vegetables, rely on pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies to reproduce. But while these pollinators are a vital link in the natural world, they are also increasingly at risk.

Meet some of Appalachia’s pollinator species and learn what residents and beekeepers can do — and are already doing — to help them thrive.

Across the region, many communities continue to face threats from fossil fuels. This issue examines the EPA’s efforts to deregulate coal ash and how residents in the path of new fracked-gas pipelines are fighting back. We also survey the state of coal mining under President Trump and explore how coal companies are avoiding paying for mine land reclamation.

butterfly on echinacea

Man near strip mine

Coal Cleanup in Appalachia

The struggle to ensure coal companies properly restore disturbed land on former coal mines without pushing the cost onto communities continues, while a clear connection between the coal company and the current administration becomes more clear.



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