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Virginia’s Black Farmers Push Lawmakers to Provide Debt Relief

A slew of lawsuits from white farmers claiming “reverse discrimination” has delayed $4 billion in Covid-19 relief funds intended to forgive loans for farmers of color.


Facing Hunger Foodbank

mobile foodbank

This Huntington, W.Va.,-based organization distributed more than 7.4 million pounds of food to 116,000 people in three states in 2018, and deploys mobile food pantries to areas without access to fresh produce.


Addressing Food Insecurity

Finding New Ways To Feed Families Story by David Brewer The welcome arrival of spring and summer in Appalachia represents that magical time of year when, instead of bundling up for a trip to the grocery store, we toss on


Adapting Farms to Face the Climate Challenge

By Brian Sewell Around the world, farmers are arguably the first to feel the impacts of climate change, and of all the systems put at risk, food may be the most fragile. Some of the largest grain and livestock producing


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