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Emily Shanblatt

Emily paddles down a rapid

“We believe the outdoors is like a hack, or a shortcut, for developing competent and confident young women, and we’re seeing that firsthand with our students everyday,” says Emily Shanblatt, an avid paddler and instructor to middle school girls at the French Broad River Academy.


Birthplace of Country Music Celebrates “Hometown Stars” and Other Shorts

The Birth Place of Country Music Museum highlights “Hometown Stars” in new exhibit, Asheville will retain ownership of its water system and an export facility for biomass opens in Wilmington, N.C.


EPA May Take Over Cleanup of Asheville Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is weighing whether to takeover the cleanup of the CTS Superfund site near Asheville, N.C., or allow the company to manage the cleanup itself.


Water Rights a Hot Topic in North Carolina, West Virginia

Legal battles in North Carolina and West Virginia are determining whether water systems will be controlled by local, state or private entities.


North Carolina to Set Precedent in Superfund Litigation

By Kimber Ray In January, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a case that will impact victims of toxic Superfund sites across the country. The Superfund program, created in 1980, is a federal initiative designed to address the


Dewayne Barton: Building Opportunity in West Asheville

By Kimber Ray Dewayne Barton isn’t only referring to nature when he talks about changing the way people relate to their environment. “Just like we polluted a stream or a river, we also polluted communities, and [restoring communities] has to


Progress and Setbacks for Appalachia’s Environment

Asheville City Council Approves Clean Energy Resolution In October, the city council of Asheville, N.C., unanimously approved a resolution to phase out the city’s use of coal-fired electricity and increase power generated from cleaner sources and saved through energy efficiency.


A Local Fight for Water Rights | Fiscal Challenges for N.C. Clean Water Trust Fund

More than 40 municipalities around the state have passed resolutions against state government control of municipal water infrastructure. Now, the North Carolina legislature plans to seize control of Asheville’s water system. The issue goes back to when Asheville entered into


Eco-friendly Living in Outdoor Spaces

By David Pferdekamper and Brian Sewell Considering the changing colors and the crisp air, autumn is as good a time as any to spend outdoors. If you don’t have an “outdoor living space” yet, it may be time to create


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